Kids Get Crafty: Loo Roll Monsters


Time for another cute toilet roll craft for preschoolers. Today we are making easy toilet roll monsters that your little kiddo will LOVE!

Toilet Roll Monster Craft for Preschoolers

toilet roll monsters

We love to make these fab little Monsters… I think this craft is great for little boys, but can also be a great way to help any young child that may have “issues” with Monsters at the moment.

They are of course, FRIENDLY monsters.. Make them. Give them names. And at bedtime, but them by the bed to keep away any of those scary nighttime monsters – no more hiding under the duvet covers when you have these little guys by your side!

Or place them on the windowsill facing outside and image them saying “BOOOO” to any other intruders. ONLY of course do this bedtime ritual if you have child that is already scared, don’t do it with perfectly happy ones, as that may just start an anxiety!!

The Book Two Monsters, By David McKee

We love this little book. It is great right now for Red Ted (aged 3), as he is starting to appreciate the subtlies of a difference of opinion. It is about two monsters, sitting on either side of a mountain. They talk to each other through a hole that runs the length of the mountain. One day they start and argument: the one monster says that “day is departing” and the other monster says that “night is arriving” – who is right (both of course), but it takes a rock throwing fight that destroys the mountain for them to realise this!  Great story about seeing things differently and reconciliation!

Cardboard Tube Monsters – supplies needed

Per basic monster:

  • A cardboard tube – long or short, it doesn’t matter
  • Paints in desired colors
  • Paint brush
  • Pipecleaners (optional) for arms
  • Googlys or DIY paper eyes (more eco friendly)
  • Glue
  • Other odds and sods for embellishments.. a good time to clear out the craft box a little! Anything goes feathers, bits of craft foam, scrunched up tissue paper, corrugated card…

How to make toilet roll monsters with toddlers

So, we decided to make some loo roll monsters. I love monster crafts, as there is no “right or wrong”. Some children are perfectionist and get frustrated if something isn’t perfect. But not here, as anything goes. Great to let the imagination run wild. You can also use any scraps of paper or material you have lying around…

Good riddance to all your “random bits”.

  1. Paint your loo roll in the desired colour/ colours & let dry
  2. Once dry, using your thumb push the loo roll so you one side goes under the other
  3. DECORATE to your hearts content:

For the hair we cut some wool, add LOTS of PVA glue and squished it on

The “boils” rare scrunched up bits of tissue paper

Monsters at your service!!

“Boooo! Naughty Naughty monsters, go away!”

Or just cuddle them!

Ah.. and don’t forget: let the littlies have a go too:

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