Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids of all Ages

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We love working with Cardboard Tubes and Paper Rolls! They care eco friendly (biodegradable) and come in plenty of shapes and sizes in your household recycling box. You can use kitchen paper towel tubes (cut in half or full length), the inside of gift wrap tubes or even toilet paper roll tubes! We have a LONG list of easy Toilet Roll Crafts, but here is a more managable collection including photos!

Here are our 10 Cardboard Tube Crafts for you today:

Unicorns make a great cardboard tube craft!

Paper Roll Unicorn Craft for Preschool

Who doesn’t love a unicorn craft?! We have two versions of the Toilet Roll Unicorn – this super simple unicorn craft AND a Unicorn Puppet version. Both are fabulous for different reasons. (Oh and check out little Paper Roll Unicorn Gift Box too!).

Cutest Lovebug Toilet Roll Craft

How can you resist these adorable Love Bugs? A great easy Toilet Roll Craft for Valentines Day and preschoolers. LOVE!

Yarn Wrapped Paper Roll Owls

Another one, where you can have LOTS of fun with color combinations are these fabulous yarn wrapped paper roll owls. They are cute “as is” or use them as Owl Gift Boxes throughout the year! This craft is also shown in the video tutorial on auto play!

Cardboard Tube Robot Craft

A blast from the past! One of our earliest Paper Roll Crafts – the simple but adorable Cardboard Tube Robot! I love the how easy this little paper robot is to make.. and the cute paper arms just add that wonderful finishing touch.

Paper Roll Giraffe Puppets

I would say these Paper Roll Giraffe Puppets are what really got Red Ted Art going, when I first started it back in the day (was it 2010?!). My kids where tiny.. a toddler and a baby and my son and I were reading “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance” and wanted to make a craft to go with it… the rest, as they say, is history!

Needless to say, these giraffes are an important part of our extensive collection of Toilet Roll Animal crafts!

paper roll snowman
TP Roll Snowman Rolling & Basic Maths

Toilet Roll Snowman Bowling

The Dancing Giraffes were soon followed by our Toilet Roll Snowmen! Again, we had lots of fun making these from “single socks” and recycled paper rolls.. and then had even more fun playing “ten pin bowling” with them.

Cardboard Tube Scarecrow Craft

The toilet paper roll scarecrows have always made me so happy! They are so fun and easy to make. In fact, you don’t even need any paint, if you don’t want to make things “messy”. I also love that you get learn how to fold a simple origami hat!

This scarecrow craft, is the perfect finishing touch to our collection of toilet paper roll farm animals!

Toilet Paper Roll Sheep

Now whether you like character crafts (Shaun the Sheep) or just a cute sheep craft for Easter.. this is the perfect Toilet Roll Sheep for sure! Easy to make and oh so cute. Get the kids yarn wrapping and then add some simple details!

Toilet Roll Paddington Craft

Paddington Bear is such a lovable character, that we had to have a go ta making him too. Again this is a great “no mess” craft, as no paint was involved and like our scarecrows, you get to learn ho wto make a basic paper origami hat (we love Easy Origami for kids). So.. make a toilet roll Paddington Bear with us today! (You can watch our YouTube video too).

Axolotl Toilet Paper Roll Craft

When my daughter, then a “tween” become interested in the amazing axolotls, we had to of cours also add a Toilet Roll Axolotl Craft. Easy and sweet! Perfect for pun lovers the world over. You can: Read Alotl. Love a Lotl or Snack Alotl!

Another great addition to the Animal ABC Toilet Roll Crafts!

Cardboard Tube Angels

One year, the kids and I decided to make some Cardboard Tube Angels.. and we didn’t end up with just the one, or three.. we made about ten! The kids LOVE the craft so much, they just wanted to make more and more of these cutre Toilet Roll Angels. So fun!

These angels are perfect as paper roll tree topper.. and of course complete our collection of Paper Roll Christmas Crafts!

Cardboard Tube Fairy Tale Prompts

When the kids where little we made our fair share of Fairy Tale Crafts!! Here we have the Paper Roll Little Red Ridinghood set – complete with Toilet Roll Granny and Toilet Roll Woolf! Of course the woolf made a reappearance with the Three Little Pigs, as well as in our Animal ABC Toilet Roll Set!

Toilet Roll Binoculars (for Poppy Cat fans)

Toilet roll binoculars are of course a great childhood craft. You can make them in plain or decorate them, as we have done here, with soem free Poppy Cat printables.

As a quick bonus: TP Roll Guess Who!

This was just a bit of silly fun, form “way back when” I first started out on Red Ted Art.. both an American and British celebrity. Can you gues who?!

See our full collection of cute and easy toilet roll crafts here: