Easy Cotton Wool Lambs – Spring Crafts for Kids

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Welcome back to this week’s Kids Crafts – our wooly little lambs. We actually made this lamb craft a year ago for an article in Guardian “Creativity in the Classroom” … and finally it is time to share it here on Red Ted Art too.

Hooray. You can make this sheep craft at any time of year, but I do think they are particularly lovely as a Spring or Easter Craft for kids.

sheep craft

Another lovely use, is to maybe use it as a mobile for a new baby? Wouldn’t that be a lovely craft for older siblings to make for a newborn – creating a lamb mobile for their new brother or sister? They are sooo simple, sooo easy and sooo cute!

Cotton Wool Lamb Craft – Materials

  • card – white or coloured,
  • cotton wool,
  • scissors,
  • glue and
  • pen

How to make easy Cotton Wool Lambs

sheep craft

1) Fold your card in half and draw a simple outline as above. The fold of the card, will be the ridge of your lamb’s back. Last year, I did all the cutting and Red Ted got to stick on the cotton wool. We made more this year. Red Ted (4) really enjoyed having a go at the cutting. Yes, it was still a challenge, but he did manage one and was sooo proud. He also loved drawing on the eyes and “smiling mouths”. Happy Sheep Craft indeed!

easter craft for kids

2) I used the card from between the legs to cut out two pieces for the head. Glue the two pieces together, with the bottom left hand corner being inserted over the top right corner of the body. (see picture).

3) Let the kids add all the cotton wool on both sides. This year both kids had fun doing this. Hooray for fluffy sheep! Lovely. Tactile. Fun.

4) Make lots – create a mobile or a garland. Have fun with your sheep craft!

What Sheep Crafts have you made? Need more inspiration?

Adorable Lamb Crafts for Spring and Easter