40+ Easter Crafts & Ideas to Inspire You

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Welcome to Easter Crafts & Ideas Round Up! You know how I love a good old “Get Crafty” (check out Bunny DIYsEaster Chick Crafts and Easter Basket ideas !!!!) and Easter is such a great time of year to really have a go at crafts – either for yourself or with kids.

40 Easter Crafts that will delight you! We love these great Easter DIYs for all the family. From great Egg Decorating ideas to Easter Bark. Make your own DIY Easter Baskets and have fun with the kids #Easter #eastercrafts

All those beautiful, cheery Spring colours and cute Easter bunnies and chicks. I do love Easter Crafts!!!

I thought it would be helpful to group things a little differently this time – we have egg decorating ideas (which broadly speaking apply to either a “blown egg” or a hard boiled egg), we have treat gift ideas and decorations. All sorts. These Easter Activities are for everyone – we have some for preschoolers, older kiddos and of course grown ups too! So hopefully you will find plent of Easter inspiration – whether decorating for spring with lovely Easter garlands or looking to make the Easter table extra special

Hope you enjoy this month’s get crafty and find lots of things you like to make!!! This is definitely a great resource for Easter Crafts for Kids too! If you are working with young kids, do check out our Preschooler Easter Craft section!

NEED one LAST MINUTE Easter Idea?

If you give ONE thing a go this Easter.. I HIGHLY recommend our Family Easter Game – the great Egg Roll. A bit like the fabulous White House Egg Roll

…but with a crafty difference and suited for all age groups and family dynamics.. whether Toddler wants to join in, or Granny in her wheel chair… you can all have a go at this Crafty little Easter Game and have lots of fun. It is now a super simple and FIRM TRADITION in our house.

So.. what crafts can I make for Easter? Read on..

DIY Egg Cups & Easter Baskets

Let’s kick of this collection of Easter Craft Ideas with some cute DIY Easter Baskets and Egg Cups…

Quick & Easy Chick Planter DIY

Oh my! These cute little Spring Chick Planters make the PERFECT no candy gift idea this Easter. They are super quick and easy to make and look so cheerful. Perfect for succulents and small cactii. A gorgeous Easter Gift or Easter Decoration to make!! All you need is some acrylic paints, markers, feathers and a little paper beak. And done.

Easter Craft Basket - Tissue Paper Mache
Adorable Hen or Rabbit Easter Baskets

Definitely in the fun Easter crafts category – These Hen Easter Baskets are made from recycled tissue paper and are easy for kids to help make. A great way to recycle tissue paper and snazz it up with a felt beak and wattle for the hen. We also made an adorable Easter Chick Basket version! The best paper easter basket you can make!

DIY Glue Yarn Bowl for Spring - love this take on the yarn bowl - by using green wool and colourful flowers
DIY Spring Yarn Bowls

LOVE these DIY Yarn Bowls – if you have ever had these on yur to do list, make them now for Spring. So sweet when using green woold, some little yarn flowers and any other yarn decorations you can find. Delicate, easy and fun!!

easter crafts
Easter Lamb Basket

Oooooh I love this little thrifty craft – make your own Easter Lamb Basket – either fill it goodies or use it to go on your Easter Egg Hunt! The idea is from Thrifty Fun is and is adorable!x

easter baskets
DIY Paper Easter Cones

Awww these are just so fun as Easter Crafts – I love this assortment of Easter Cones that the Crafty Chicks came up with. Aren’t they just too cute? Love the “carrot cone”, but I think the bunny is my favourite. I can just imagine the kids running around in delight looking for their Easter treats!xx

recycled easter basket
Recycled Easter Basket

Now.. I do like recycling, so I do REALLY like this little basket – made from an old plastic bottle, it is quickly converted into a cute little Easter basket the kids can make and decorate. Wonderful. I think we may have a go at these this year! Craft Elf shares their how to! This really is a lovely and easy easter craft for little kiddos to try!

Easy Origami Egg Cup

Super easy origami egg cups for kids to make! A great Origami pattern for kids to get excited about this traditional paper folding craft and technique!

Chicken Egg Cups - a simple upcycled craft idea
Egg Carton Chick

A “classic” and perfect craft for Easter – convert your egg carton box into a Rooster or chick. These take me back to my childhood. Feathers, paint, some card and hey presto… Here is more info on how to make the Egg Carton Chicks!

egg cozy ideas
Baby Sock Egg Cozy

My my my, I think these egg cozies are ADORABLE. Take one baby sock, some “bits and pieces” and before you know it… you have the most ADORABLE bunny egg cozy and chick egg cozies, ever! My mummy heart melts! Check out Parents for their full craft idea!

Knitted Egg Cozies 

As you know I do love a bit of Knitting and Crochet. Here some adorable little knitted woolie hat egg cozies to knit (with free pattern). Great project for first time knitters!

easter lamb craft
Easter Lambs Egg Cups

As Easter Crafts go, these Easter Lamb egg cups are just the cutest!? I found them by Travis. I do love the coloured eggs that by Travis added. Such fun. And guess what they are made from…. yes… my favourite: The Loo Roll!!!

Easter Egg Science activity

Or how about a fun little Easter science activity with thise Frozen Fizzy Easter Eggs?

DIY Easter Tree Decorx

Growing up, I was used to traditional Easter Trees from Germany/ Austria. These really make the loveliest Easter decor and if you make just “one thing”, make it an Easter Tree/ Easter branch display. They are super simple – you take some large seasonal branches – in particlarly Pussy Willow, pop them in a vase and decorate them with blown out eggs. Super simple! There are lots of variations of the Easter Tree now a days.

Popular branches you can use include, of course, the pussy willow, but cheery blossoms, dogwood and forsythia also make a great Easter Tree! And you can decorate them in lots of different ways too.

Here we had some cute egg birds with tissue paper blossom. They were super easy to make and the kids ADORED helping me decorate this Easter Tree!

dye your eggs twice

Go for that natural look and dye eggs naturally but also making leaf imprints. Such a cool process that I am sure the kids will love!

Other ideas for Easter Tree decorating:

  • Make pom poms (e.g. we have some sheep pom poms and chick pom poms, though I think pom poms in pastel colours as is would be lovely)
  • Make salt dough ornaments (use an egg shaped cookie cutter and paint – check out our favourite salt dough recipe here)
  • Paper decorations (see the next section for lots of ideas – continue reading below! though out Paper birds are popular!)
  • Of course ANY decorated and blown out eggs – lots of decorating ideas – continue reading below
  • Any store bought ornaments

I think Easter Trees are definitely one of the simple Easter crafts to do that also look stunning!

Paper Easter Crafts & Easter Card Ideas

Want to know what can I make with paper for Easter…? Here is a highlight of some of our favourite Paper Easter Crafts! Though we do have an extensive collection of paper Easter crafts & printables for you to browse too!

One of my favourite Paper Easter Crafts EVER are these Chick Paper Decorations – such a cute Spring decoration made from more or less just paper.

Easy Origami Bunny How To
Easy Origami Bunny

These easy origami bunnies are just sooooo easy to make and  a GREAT introduction to Origami for kids. Great as decorations (make a garland), as simple toys or as part of an Easter card. Make one. Make many! These would be great easter card ideas for toddlers – make a set and glue to the front of some card stocks. Wonderful.

Flex your origami skills and have a go at this Origami Carrot – this would be super cute as a carrot bunting or maybe as part of an Easter Greeting Card!

Have a go at Paper Weaving. With these Woven Egg Chick Cards – you have a choice of making them as greeting cards, or there is a free printable “big” version as a cute preschooler Easter Art Project! There is also a super cute Woven Bunny Basket card to choose from too!

Also.. why not take Paper Chicks from above and turn them into “Chick Pop Up” cards? So very fun! We do love handmade Easter Cards for kids!

finisged pop up egg card

We also have these super simple one page Egg Pop Up Cards – no glue needed!

Love how FUN this Paper Bird Origami is!

Tangram Origami Chicken

Or flex your origami skills by learning how to make a origami tangram and then turning it into these fabulous Tangram Chickens!

Cotton Wool Bunny Cards

If you are looking for more Easter card ideas for toddlers, you must check out this super cute adn easy Cotton Wool Bunny Card. So simple and so fun to make!  Don’t forget that we have an extensive list of Easter Crafts for Preschool for you to browse!

toddler easter cards
Keepsake Chick Card

Easter Crafts don’t have to be complicated!!! How about these very cute little Fingerprint Chick cards? They are sooo quick and sooo easy to make and they make lovely little keepsakes! Come take a closer look and make some! Great Easter Card for Toddlers. They would make cute Easter Egg Finger prints too..?xx

Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner - adorable little Easter craft
Bunny Bookmarks

When you have mastered the basic Origami Bunny, ou can then move on to these super cute bunny corner bookmarks. Also easy to make and super sweet. A great little Easter gift too.

We have many more fun Easter Bookmark Ideas for you. For example, we have some quick and easy Chick Corner Bookmarks! Aren’t they fun? You will want to make a whole family of them!! A great addition to our Corner Bookmark Designs collection.

Easter Origami for Kids - have a go at Origami this Easter, with these easy Easter Origami Patterns for kids. From easy paper bunny to adorable chick envelopes! #EasterOrigami #kids #origami #tutorials #papercrafts #bunny #baskets #eggs

The newest of our Easter Bookmark Designs.. are these fluffy Sheep Corner Bookmarks! Easy and cute!

easter garland
Paint Chip Garland

Know thos paint chip strips? They would make this lovely Paint Chip garland from Modern Parents Messy Kids. The colours look wonderful and so cheerful. A reason to go to the DIY shop!x

Bunny Garland
Bunny Garland

This  bunny garland has been popping up everywhere recently. And I am not surprised it is teh cutest little thing around AND the wonderful Titatoni even gives you a hand download so you can make these super duper quickly and easily! Thank you Titatoni! You will also find this adorable printable in our Free Printables section!

easter potato printing

If you are going to give Easter Egg Potato printing a go.. keep it simple like Oakland Mums has. Focus on creating patterns in your potato and using ONE color (or print on colored paper). Trying multiple color potato prints – will result in smudges and frustation. Believe me!

handprint easter

Mas and Pas also has this adorable Handprint Bunny Card to make. Too cute.

Easter Crafts – Decorations & General Easter Crafts

Yarn Wrapped Pom Pom Sheep Wreath

Cutest Pom Pom Sheep Wreath for Kids! We love Yarn Wrapping AND Pom Pom making.. combine the two for some extra cuteness! Oh and in case you didn’t know.. you can make pom poms with a fork! No fancy devices needed.

Easy Bunny Brooch - sewing for beginners - a lovely little Easter Craft for kids
DIY Bunny Brooches

If you still have the sewing needles and felts out.. this is a Bunny Brooch craft GREAT for beginners – in fact, why not sit down and teach the kids to sew? Easy and cute and make lovely little Easter gifts too!x And oh yes.. you can make those little bows with a fork too!

juggling chickens bean bags
Juggling Chooks

What can you sew for Easter…? This is one of my favourite Easter Crafts for Kids to date – How about some “juggling chooks” – well you don’t have to juggle with them, you can have them as pretty decor, or you can play bean bag toss like we did! Your call. But they are SUPER easy to make – hand or machine sew and make a great project for someone learning to sew!  Also a great way to use up slightly large pieces of scrap fabric.

Lovely Easter gifts to make too!

decorate the sock bunny

Or if you fancy a “No sew” activity that is just as cute, how about this adorable easy No Sew Sock Bunny? Love the burlap details, so sweet.

easter candles how to
Egg Candles

Use your empty egg shells to make candles! No fancy equipment required, just some old wax (we used ours from Christmas), homemade wicks and egg shells! We had great fun making these and used our “secret” ingredient to colour the white wax. The kids were fascinated! Come check out this Egg Candle how to!

Another great idea for the craft fair or Easter gift to make (and so thrifty to make too!).

easter lamb crafts
Woolly Sheep

The Inadvertent Farmer came up with this cute woolly sheep craft – a bit like a lacing activity, I think young hands would enjoy the “wool winding” part of this idea. Very cute. This is a great Easter Craft for Preschool and younger kids, as well as older kids! So sweet.

paper plate easter

Though these paper plate Easter chicks are for kindergarten and preshcoolers praticing their sewing skills, i do think they are SO cheerful, that they would be a fun Easter activity for kids of all ages.

Paper Plate Bunny Purse

Similarly, these paper plate Easter purses are just too cute.

easter craft ideas bunnies
Bunny Finger Puppets

Aren’t simple designs, simply the best. Take one “simple white bunny”, add some fantastically contrasting colours and you have these beautiful  Easter Bunny puppets simply beautiful? Find the tutorial and pattern by the fabulous Purl Soho. A great diy for anyone lookng for easter crafts to sell at craft shows!x

Easter Finger Puppets made from felt eggs

Hear are some more adorable Easter puppets. Love that they are all based on the “egg shape” and look easy to make. Fiskars shares the craft. I love that you get all the “typical” Easter animals – a chick, a bunny and a lamb! Just adorable.

Another great idea if you are looking for easter crafts to sell at craft shows! These make great little Easter gifts to make and sell!

A round up of Easter Crafts just wouldn’t be the same without some Easter chick pom poms. How about these from More Style Than Cash? And she uses her fingers as the pompom maker shape! Perfect. I am going to try out this finger technique with my 4 year old, who can’t quite manage the cardboard circle yet. (Well he can, he just looses patience!).x

Bunny Pom Pom

If chick are not your thing, or they are, but you also love bunnies, how sweet is this little cutie. I kat Bag shares their step by step guide to making pom poms (with the above mentioned cardboard rings) as well as how to assemble this bunny. Lovely.x

easter decorations
Yarn Egg Decorations

Love the look of these yarn egg decorations. Another craft I am yet to try! This time the tutorial is from Crafts for All Seasons. Go take a look and pick up some handy tips and tricks.x


These can be made using wooden spoons.. Oh what DARLING Easter Chick Placeholders by Crafts By Amanda! Amazing what you can do with a little acrylic paint!

easter bunny mason jar

Crafts by Amanda also has these adirable mason jar Easter decorations or gifts.


Easter Crafts – Egg Decorating Ideas – Easter Egg Crafts

You can of course make the Easter Egg Decorating ideas here with craft eggs, but personally we love decorating real eggs for Easter – real eggs are so very special and precious to craft with. You will be surprise how well even preschoolers can handle an blown out egg – and if there is the odd breakage, then that is part of the experience! Real eggs are free to craft with (you still get use the yolks for baking or scrambled eggs) and are eco friendly! What more can you want. So, here are some ideas to inspire you – lots of fun ways to decorate eggs, as well as pretty ways and keepsake eggs!

easter eggs
How to blow out eggs for Easter Decorating

What is Easter Crafts without egg blowing & decorating?! Before you decorate (some) of your Easter Eggs (you can do hard boiled ones or you can use the “empty” shell), here is a post to show you how you can “best blow out” your egg. It is a little tricky at first, but I am sure you will get the hang of it after a few goes… this year we have already blown out about 20 eggs! It is addictive! Check out this ” Easter Eggs Blowing ” how to.

Cress Head Activity for Spring
Easy Sprout Heads

The kids will love love love these sprout heads. They are super duper easy (seriously.. it doesn’t get easier than this) and fun to make and you can see them sprout within DAYS of making!

How PRETTY are these DIY Unicorn Eggs? A quick make with a hot glue gun..

Similarly.. you simply HAVE to have a go at these Egg Bunnies! These definitely fall in the cute Easter crafts category.

Or get ARTY and have a go at this easy step by step guide to making Galaxy Easter Eggs. I love the effects of painting with a sponge.. so pretty!

easter craft ideas
Grass Eggs

Similarly, I love these Grass eggs. Yep. Nice and easy and straight forward. I know we have all had a go, but I had to included it, as it is a “childhood must”. EVERYONE has to at some point grow cress in an egg at home. Originally from Much More Sure took such lovely photos I thought you would like to see how they went about it!

egg dying techniques
Naturally Died Easter Eggs

Naturally died eggs have a very special and unique look and there are different ways to achieve these different colours. But don’t they all look lovely. Curbly shares a video and recipes to achieve different colours.x

egg dying
Rubber Band & Crayon Egg Dying

I love the simplicity of using rubber bands and the “childhood” favourite of using crayons to leave marks on eggs that you are dying. Frog, Goose and Bear, share their Easter eggs, as well as another lovely recycled bottle basket and chick cupcakes! Looks like fun!

egg decorating ideas
Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Originally from the Disney Family Website – but no longer available. Boo! Never the less, how cute and fun and wonderful is this Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland Egg? It would certainly bring some Fairytale magic into your Easter.

egg decorating fun
Diving Dudes Eggs

And I know.. Disney Family Fun again.. but what can you do – they have such brilliant egg decorating ideas that I just want to show them ALL to you. One was good as the next. How fun are these “diving dudes”? Brilliant!

Easter egg decorating ideas
Flower Mod Podge

Now why didn’t I think of these? Take some pressed flowers, a  “blown egg“, some mod podge… and what do you get? Well check out Gingerbread Snowflakes and see the results! The link will take you to a blog post of lost more different egg decorating ideas so definitely worth a look!x

easter egg decorating
Leaf Print

I have always loved the idea of creating prints with leaves. And I love this idea of adding them to eggs even more! Genius! Originally on Spoonful and family fun, but you can now find the instructions here.

egg decorating ideas
Paper Flower Egg

Ooooh how pretty and delicate do these Paper Flower Eggs look? Such Pretty Things came up with this gorgeous and once again surprisingly simple egg decorating idea for you. Really suits all the Easter pastels you get. Beautiful.x

egg decorating ideas
Chalkboard Easter Eggs

I know that chalkboard has been all over the place for a long long time now and that last year MANY blogs did this wonderful chalkboard easter egg… but I still love it. And if you haven’t seen it, it really is such an adorably cute idea. This one is via We are Scout.

egg decorating ideas
Owl Eggs

You may have seen our “Owl Eggs” last year? Once you have your empty egg, they are really easy to make and my then toddler really enjoyed helping… You just need some googly eyes, card or funky foam and some feathers and you have this adorable little guy to hang in your Easter tree or decorations. One of my all time favourites!x

easter egg decorating
Tissue Paper Eggs

If you are worried that small hands will break the egg – try our tissue paper egg chicks… they are easy (enough) for small hands to make and handle and we haven’t broken one yet!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
All our Egg Decorating Ideas in one place!

FInally.. if you want more ideas.. you can see all our Egg Decorating Ideas in one place!

Easter Crafts – Bonnets Ideas

Easter crafting wouldn’t not be complete without some Easter Bonnet Ideas!

Newspaper Bonnet

Our very own bonnets made out of newspaper and salvaged tissue paper – we made some with flowers and some with Easter chicks! They are so quick and fun to make you will want to make more and more and more! I do love Newspaper Crafts, so very versatile and simply fabulous. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive AND fun!

easter bonnet bunny
Bunny Headband

Yes, I know some *may* say that this doesn’t count as a bonnet, but I do like the simplicity of this bunny headband. It is simple. It is cute and it is easy to make. So if you don’t have much time to spare to make your Easter Bonnet this year, why not try one these? I think they count! Originally from Very Well Family, but the post is no longer up.

easter bonnet
Feather Bonnet for Easter

Another fun hat “made from scratch” is Mummy Mummy Mums feather top hat! See how to construction the “basic” hat and then add all your feathers and ribbons and chicks. Delightful!x

easter bonnet ideas
PomPom Bonnets 

Or how about your traditional Easter Pom Pom Bonnet? Always a favourite. Visit Climbing Rainbows and you will also find some “Egg Heads” and a nice Rooster hat! Hope you have enough bonnet ideas to keep you going now!x

Fun Easter Treats & Easter Recipes

Easy Fondant Bunny How To
Fondant Bunnies

Super easy Fondant Bunny How To. These are cute as they are (as small Easter gifts made from marzipan or similar) or also perfect as Cupcake Toppers. Too cute. The kids will love making them too.

Easy Chicken Cupcakes and Sheep Cupcakes - perfect for a Farm Themed Party. These are seriously adorable and are super tasty (oh and nice and easy to make!)
Easy Sheep & Chicken Cupcakes

The kids will have a BLAST making these easy peas chicken and sheep cupcakes. And even MORE fun eating them. They are  great addition to any Easter treats!

easter crafts
Paper Mache Easter Egg Treats!

I love these mini pinatas by Not Martha. They simply look fabulous and are such a fun fun fun idea! What child wouldn’t like receiving one of these? Though I think my children would also love MAKING them themselves and giving some to Granny and Grandpa this Easter!

Quick 5 minute Easter Crafts. Turn Cardboard Tubes into Chickens!

This is a great 5 minute craft idea for Easter – turn Cardboard Tubes into Chick Treat Boxes in minutes!

easter basket ideas
Origami Bunny Treats

Time for more great Easter Origami! I love these Origami Bunny “nests”. Especially the idea of using the white of your origami paper as the outside and adding colour to the inside. Don’t they look pretty. I think I will most definitely be learning how to make these this Easter. Gorgeous. You can find instructions on Origami Spirit. Visit my Free Printables page to find links to GORGEOUS Origami paper downloads to print at home!

easter craft ideas
Treat Bags or Easter Lacing Cards

This could be one of two things – the original blog posts make these as cute little Easter Treat Bags.. but I think they would also make a lovely “Lacing craft activity”. Either make them “such like that” or add them to an Easter card to relatives.. Or… as per Simply Modern Mom use two sheets of card and fill with sweets! Hooray for Easter! There is a downloadable printable too to make life easier!

easter egg treat ideas
Surprise Eggs

And you thought these were just brightly coloured eggs? Another ingenious ideas from Not Martha – and yes, it “did the rounds” last year, but I cannot resist showing it to you in case you either missed it or forgot about…  Take an egg shell.. paint it… and.. well, you will have to visit Not Martha for the surprise. But it is great!

easter lambs
Easter Lamb Cookies (No Cook)

Can you believe that these cookies are no cook? Well.. ok, you use some store bought ones as a basis. Of course you can make your own cookies. I highly recommend our tried and tested shortbread, but otherwise, just but some and make these adorable treats. Visit Last Minute Mel for details.

Easter chocolate treat
Jelly Bean Chocolate

Oh my word. The Englishman would be in Easter Treat heaven if I made him these. He LOVES jelly beans and he LOVES chocolate. And don’t the beans and the white chocolate simply look fantastic together? What a fabulous Easter treat. Scissors and Spatulas shares here recipe!

Easter Nests
We have made traditional nests SOOO many times ovee the years

And of course we must not forget our “traditional Easter nests” – the idea is simple and yet you can add so many variations – cornflakes vs rice crispie, addition of peanut butter or butter scotch – your call. But you will find the “basic instructions” for Easter Nests here, as well as some very chocolatey little faces.

clothespin easter bunny

If gifting treats.. you can make some clothespin bunnys to decorate your gift bags with. This is a real olden golide photo from Red Ted Art! Just for inspiration (I need to redo the post, I think – but the little bunny teeth are the bottom of the clothespin!).

cadbury creme eggs

Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg
Now I didn’t think it was possible to make a Cadbury Creme Egg yourself!! But it looks like someone over at Instructables has done just that! All I can say is WOW! And I bow to you culinary superiority! I think I may just stick to the shop bought ones, but I still had to share the tutorial with you!

Soooo what do you think? Are there enough Easter egg decorating ideas for you? And what about all those Easter treats? Hope you fun this Easter and that you do get crafty!!! I would love to hear what your favourite Easter Crafts have been!

If you need more ideas, you can check out our complete list of Easter Resources for Teacher & Parents!

Or maybe you would be interested in these 20+ MUST SEE Bunny Crafts ..

20+ adorable little bunny crafts, my these are all so cute! Love that there is something for everyone to make here

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chick crafts FB

Finally.. if you are looking for something a little different this Easter, why not check out these great Science Experiments for Easter! Can you make an egg bounce? How strong is an egg shell?

easter crafts