30 Cute Lamb & Sheep Crafts

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With spring and Easter around the corner, we can’t wait to check out our Easter Inspiration Crafts! So many lovely ideas for the seasons ahead. One particular popular them is of course lovely Sheep Crafts or Easter Lamb Crafts.

30 Sheep & Lamb Crafts for Spring & Easter
Who new that DIY Sheep projects could be so cute?!

As we look ahead to Easter and spring, I can’t wait to get started on some adorable little sheep crafts.

Here we have 30 crafts to inspire you this season too. Lots of different sheep ideas – some for the kids, some for you, some for you AND the kids!

I know I will have a go at quite few this year. Don’t forget, that we have a fabulous collection of Bunny Crafts and Chick Crafts for you to browse at your leisure too!

Happy Spring Crafting!!!!

Sheep Craft Ideas from Red Ted Art

Let’s start off this Easter crafts collection with lamb crafts that we have made here on Red Ted Art over the years. You can see how my crafts “grew up” with my kids.. starting of with super simple sheep crafts, when they toddlers and preschoolers to more “technical” sheep corner bookmarks etc when they were old!

This is such an easy cotton ball sheep craft and it ROCKS!

I adore these super simple Paper Plate Rocking Sheep – they combine different textures, and art materials – crayons, stickers and paper! Don’t be put off, you can basically work with “what you have” and adapt the design to suit your needs. We also made these in class with Reception (4-5yrs olds) and they work great with shredded paper instead of the cotton balls (more eco friendly too!). Bothe the shredded paper sheep and the cotton ball sheep look lovely. So you can’t go wrong either way! These are so popular with young children and great for a classroom setting!


I first made this Cotton Wool Lamb SOOOO very long ago as a guest post for the guardian online as a lovely spring lamb craft and not just Easter lamb crafting! We love working with cotton balls when the kids are little, but as with the rocking sheep craft, you could probably make this with shredded paper too! No harm in keeping things thrifty and eco friendly, especially if working in the classroom.

TP Roll Sheep

We actually made two Cardboard Tube Sheep Craft over the years… this one and another more “shaun the sheep one” below. I love the little twiggy legs of this Toilet Roll Sheep! The sheep’s head is also made from a toilet paper roll, shaped with some cleer cuts and a little masking tape. And love how that beedy eye is looking at me. Ha!

Easy Shaun the Sheep TP Roll Craft
Toilet paper roll sheep are so cute

And here is our second Toilet Paper Roll Sheep (Shaun the Sheep)! Isn’t he fun? Personally I think this version was probably a bit easier to make, as you didn’t need to paint your empty toilet paper rolls first!

Puffy Sheep Mobile for Toddlers
Bubble wrap is great for printing sheep wool

How about this bubble wrap sheep craft for kids! This is an activity that the kids and I adored – making a Puffy Sheep Mobile – bubble wrap printing is a super fun activity! You can use the bubble wrap to print your woolly sheep and later to to stuff them. Such a simple activity. We actually stapled ours together (quick and easy), but if you want to “extend” the idea a little, you could add some paper sewing too! Such an easy sheep craft that preschoolers especially will love! We “stapled” our sheep together, but you could hole punch around the edge of the sheep and use these for a fine motor lacing activity too! These would make lovely spring lamb decorations to welcome the new season.

Easter Origami for Kids - have a go at Origami this Easter, with these easy Easter Origami Patterns for kids. From easy paper bunny to adorable chick envelopes! #EasterOrigami #kids #origami #tutorials #papercrafts #bunny #baskets #eggs
Sheep corner bookmarks are easy and fun

Sheep corner bookmarks… the newest of our Easter Bookmark Designs.. Have a go at these fluffy Sheep Corner Bookmarks! So fun what you can do with just some white and black paper, scissors and a little glue. Easy and cute! As you know, we have 100s of corner bookmarks here on Red Ted Art, and it wouldn’t be a “roudn up” if we didn’t have a bookmark for this Sheep Collection too! Perfect for any farm unit learning at school!

How to make pom pom sheep

We love making pom poms! Especially if you have a pom pom maker – I find young kids manage pom poms really well with those. Older kids can make pom poms with cardboard or with their fingers or even make pom poms using a fork! Then make Easy Pom Pom Sheep! Aren’t these adorable sheep to make? So cute and fluffy! I love that they look great made from white pom poms but other colours too! Just remember to add the googly eyes.

Finished yarn wrapped wreath
Pom pom sheep are so cute and easy to make!

So we made a paper plate sheep that rocks already! But how about taking some more paper plates, grabbing your pom pom sheep and turning them into this lovely (and easy) Yarn Wrapped Paper Plate Wreath for spring? These are wreaths are probably one my favourite Spring decorations in a long time. We also made one with a dangly bee pom pom at the bottom, so cute!

Here are some quick and Easy Fondant Sheep (or Marzipan Sheep)! I made these to go on a Minecraft cake (I think??) I can’t remember now, but my, they were so easy to make!

Sheep Cupcakes are so easy (and tasty) to make!

And finally, how fun are these Sheep Cupcakes? Super quick and easy to make and the kids will love them! Of course you can just grab the cupcake liners and make some cute cupcake liner sheep too (think: flattened cupcake liner, with two black legs and a little black face and done!). So cute. Or maybe make both!

Gorgeous Sheep Crafts & Lamb DIYs from around the web:

Now onto our collection of Sheep DIYs from around the web!! Here are some great websites to discover and fall in love with! As mentioned, I think these all make wonderful Easter craft ideas.. but of course you can make these adorable sheep for spring or as part of a farm study unit in the classroom.

handprint easter lamb

So let’s begin this section with an adorable lamb craft – the handprint sheep/ lamb! How cute is this? Preschoolers will LOVE tracing their own hand and sticking on lots of tactile cotton balls to decorate the sheep with! More info on Healthy Mama Info. Super lovely Easter activity for little ones.


Seriously cute SOCK SHEEP – these are simply the cutest little lamb craft, don’t you think? Definitely one to make FOR your preschooler or kids though! Maybe the Easter bunny can bring one of these in the Easter baskets for your little.

sheep crafts

Felt Sheep Ornament/ Lamb Mobile – a similar “feel” to my bubble wrap sheep shared earlier, you can make some lovely little felt lambs and add some string to the top of the sheep to hang. They would make a great Easter mobile or garland.

sheep crafts and lambs

Rock Sheep – sorry the link for this is no longer available.. but you can image how these are made.. right? Get some good quality paint pens in white, grey and blacka nd have FUN! So so sooo cute!


Another take on the DIY Sheep Wreaths – such a cute easy Easter craft for kids to make!


Cork Sheep – such a cute printing activity for kids of all ages, though I reckon kindergarten and preschoolers will especially love this one! Too cute and easy peasy too!

easter egg lamb craft
Working with hollow eggs is super fun!

Easter Egg Lamb – back to more cotton ball fun! Combine a hollowed out egg, with cottton wool and pipe cleaners for this adorable sheep DIY!

lamb and sheet crafts

Wooly Sheep Craft – so cute! – if you know Red Ted Art, you know we love yarn wrapping! Yarn wrapped crafts always look so very cute and so very effective AND they are so “do able” for younger kids! Love the combination of the yarn wrapping with clothespin legs! So swete little lambs to make!


Lamb Nail Art Craft – get the tweens and teens excited about spring and Easter with these cute Easter Lamb nails. So fun!

sheep lamb embroidery

Lamb Embroidery How To

lamb sheep costume

Sheep Costume

Sheep Pom-Pom-Garland

Lamb Pom Pom Garland – another way to decorate with white pom pom sheep! Make a bunch and hang them up! Such a sweet and easy peasy craft. Or maybe hang them from an Easter tree – lovely Easter decor either way!

sheep egg crafts

You can make these fun Easter Sheep Craft using wooden craft eggs or blown out egg shells. Personally I LOVE using hollow eggs, instead of craft eggs.. but either is lovely! These maek a great decoration for the Easter Table too (in fact.. you could probably decorate hard boiled eggs for eating like this?? Just dab on a little acrylic paint to the hard boiled egg, then grab some markers and add the features?? Mmmh).


Sheep Finger Puppets – such adorable Easter lambs to make. And again would be a great little gift for the Easter bunny to bring on Easter Sunday!


TP Roll Sheep – yet a third variation on Toilet Paper Roll sheep!

lamb craft puzzles

Lamb Puzzle Craft – a fun way to use up all those random puzzle pieces.

sheep sock puppet craft

Woolly Sheep Sock Puppet

lamb sock puppet craft

More Lamb Sock Puppets


Lamb Pillows


Cheerio Sheep Snacks!

sheep crochet pattern free

Crochet Sheep & Lamb Pattern (free!)

Lamb crochet pattern

Simple Crochet Lamb Pattern

lambsoftie craft

Cute softie (instructions in French)

sheep crafts (2)

Bobble Sheep Pattern

easter lamb craft

Egg Carton & Plastic Spoon Sheep

sheep craft

Easter Lamb Egg Cozy Craft

sheep crafts (3)

Sheep Place Card Holders

green sheep tea party

Where is Green Sheep Party

And that, my lovely crafty readers, is it! I hope you have enjoyed this collection of lamb crafts and that you are inspired to have a go! I think they make great fun Easter crafts, but are also great for spring or to be honest – all year round!

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Hope you enjoyed these Sheep Crafts and that you have plenty to keep you inspired with these fun ideas!!!