25 Milk Carton Crafts (or Juice / Tetra pack crafts!)

Finally, it is here.. our Juice Carton or Milk Carton Craft Round Up.. we actually have been working on this for weeks.. but somehow we got side tracked one way or another. But finally, our juice carton video has been made, and we have lots of lovely additional links and milk carton craft ideas to share with you!

Milk Carton Crafts and Juice Carton Crafts for Kids

Milk Carton Birdfeeder Owl

Make stackable pen pots out of milk cartons! So cute.

Milk Carton Bird House Craft

Milk Carton House: Fairy Houses (1min 20sec into the video)

Juice Carton Snack Boxes

Next we have Chris from Thinly Spread and her Bird Feeder

Recycled Carton Planter (great for long root growth plants) again by the lively Thinly Spread!

Olaf Snowman Juice Carton

Yarn Wrapped Bird House

  Juice Carton Purse

Milk Carton Bunny Nests

 Milk Carton Well

Viking Ship

More Ships Ahoy

Juice Carton Truck

Chalkboard pen holders

Juice Box Walkie Talkie (this blog is now only available on invite only)

Milk Carton Lanterns

More Milk Carton Lights

Milk Carton Haunted House (I could share so many of these!!)

Desk Organiser

Milk Carton Bag (how cool!). The original is no longer avaialbe. But here is similar!

Oh and last but  not least.. don’t forget those “milk plugs”.. perfect for RING MAKING!

You can also watcho our Juice Carton Crafts Hangout on YouTube (it is a little old!):

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