Mini School Supplies Notebook Craft – Study Aid

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Let’s get Back to School ready! Oh we do love a simple paper craft for kids! And in my house mini notebooks are high on the agenda! Pip Squeak has made a gazillion of today’s mini notebook craft and used them for simple story writing.

We decorated ours a Mini School Supplies Notebooks – they would be great study guides (in fact, again, Pip Squeak, made herself a music one for her Piano grading.. it was so cute and handy!). Make a simple vocabulary book, or times table book or use it however you want!

Easy Study Guide Notebooks
First shared in March 2020

To make Mini Notebook Study Guides you will need:

  • One sheet of paper (we used A4)
  • Scissors
  • Pens for decorating!

How to make this super simple mini notebook

These mini books are really easy to make. We have made many DIY notebooks on this site.. and I think this version may be my favourite. Quick, easy and useful.

I decorated ours as “school supplies”, because I thought they would be fun.. but of course you can use these in watever way you want.. you don’t even have to decorate them! You can just start writing!

Mini Notebooks - School Supplies

Watch the how to video or follow the simple instructions..

Begin by folding your piece of paper length wise, then open it again.

Next, fold you paper across it’s width.

Fold one flap up to meet the middle and repeat on the other side. So you have a W shape.

how to make a mini notebook
(This is one of our book review printables.. but you ordinary paper will do the trick!)

Fold these flaps down again. And now you should have a crease going half way. Cut along this.

Open up your paper. Fold length wise again.

how to make a mini notebook

Push the paper together to fold into a booklet!


Now it is time to decorate

Keep your decorations a simple or as detailed as you like! Have fun and experiment.. then make MORE books! Hooray.

Easy no glue mini notebooks

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