Year of the Rabbit Activities – Worksheets & Printables

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As you know we love to plan for Lunar New Year.. and explore the different Zodiac Animals.. this year, 2023, it is the Year of the Rabbit. And the year of the rabbit falls on Saturday 22nd January 2023.

And as per usual, we have a fantastic set of Year of the Rabbit Activities for you to explore.

Now all these Chinese New Year activities are availble here on Red Ted Art. You can browse our key collections:

However, I have also created a series of worksheets and printables to go with many of the most popular crafts. The worksheets are designed for easy printing to use in the classroom, a library setting or at home!

These are available as easy Bundle Downloads on Teacher’s Pay Teachers! They do have a small fee attached to them. This allows of those of you who wish to, to make a small contribution towards the upkeep of this site and the continued development of new crafts and templates for your use. Think of it as buying me a coffee! 🙂

Obviously, I am mindful that not everyone has the financial resources, so you can still enjoy the majority of these crafts by visiting the following and “hopping about” a bit to your favourite blog posts!

Chinese New Year activities
Zodiac Animal Crafts
Year of the Rabbit Activities (this post also explores all the characteristics of the rabbit/ rabbit people)

So.. to the worksheet bundles comprising our favourite fun activities on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Year of the Rabbit Activities for Preschoolers and Younger Children

The first of my two bundles is more for younger children! It combines the super popular dragon puppets, but also some lovely rabbit activities.

lunar new year rabbit preschool

Bundle 1: Early Years/ Preschoolers/ Toddlers

This is a smaller bundle to our “main” Rabbit Lunar New Year Bundle, focussing on preschool or early years children and contains the slightly simpler projects for young hands!

Contains the following 5 activities, comprising 24 pages:

  1. 3 Page Paper Dragon Puppet
  2. 3 Page Paper Plate Dragon Twirler
  3. 2 Page Origami Rabbit & Pop Up Card (one of the simplest origami projects and a great introduction to this traditional craft to preschoolers and young children)
  4. 2 Page Simple Year of the Rabbit Headband (to color or print on colored paper)
  5. 12 page Zodiac Animal Card Coloring Pages

Year of the Rabbit Activity Bundle for older students

The year of the rabbit bundle for older students has a bigger range of fun activities for you to have a go at.

rabbit craft worksheets

Bundle 2Year of the rabbit activities for older students

Celebrating Chinse New Year and Lunar New Year on Sunday, 22 January 2023 with the Year of the Rabbit Crafts, as well as fabulous evergreen Dragon Crafts & Activities! We love bundling up these Lunar New Year resources for you.

Contains the following 8 activities, comprising 41 pages:

  1. 3 Page Paper Dragon Puppet
  2. 3 Page Paper Plate Dragon Twirler
  3. 2 Page Paper Rabbit Corner Bookmark (two rabbit designs)
  4. 2 Page Origami Rabbit & Pop Up Card (incl. Chinese New Year wishes)
  5. 3 Page Pop Up Rabbit Greeting Card (incl. info on lucky colors and numbers)
  6. 4 Page Lunar New Year Rabbit STEAM PUPPET
  7. 12 page Zodiac Animal Greeting Cards to Color
  8. 12 Page Zodiac Animal Card Making Prompts – create your own designs

This includes our super popular Paper Dragon Puppets that have delighted children on Lunar New Year for years.. as well as some fabulous and easy Rabbit Crafts specifically for The Year of the Rabbit perfect for Chinese New Year celebrations in 2023! As well as exploring all Zodiac Animals.

Please do come back as I plan to add some more projects! More fabulous Year of the Rabbit Crafts for Lunar New Year on Red Ted Art!

Chinese New Year printables

I hope you find these Teachers Pay Teacher’s bundles useful! Your continued support of Red Ted Art and my work is very much appreciated!! And I hope you find plenty of free resources here on Red Ted Art, that do compliment the classroom worksheets for use with students or larger groups.

As mentioned, many of the free resources are available here:

The Year of Rabbit collection also includes information about good luck, unlucky things and info on recent year of the rabbit dates. As wella s fire rabbit, earth rabbit, wood rabbit and the water rabbit.

The Zodica Animal Crafts, includes all zodiac animals – rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig!

All crafts are a great way to learn about Chinese Culture!