Top 10 Halloween Crafts of All Time

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Looking forward to some HALLOWEEN CRAFTS FUN! Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the fabulous Halloween crafts on the big wide web. Need something more managable. Fear not.. here are our Top 10 Halloween Crafts of All Time!!! They are all fun, easy and will get you sorted this Halloween – whether you are crafting in the classroom or at home!

Top 10 Halloween Crafts

All the crafts shared in this article, have been tried and tested (well, they after all CREATED by my kids and me!) in our home… and have also stood the test of time. With readers sharing their makes and photos with us for years. So really.. lots of fun to be had.

Under each photo of the activity, I will share the link to the orginal post for full details, but will also give you a couple of pointers and suggestions for alternative materials, should you not have everything to hand!

So.. onwards:

Our top 10 Halloween Crafts & Activities for Kids

Halloween Tin Can Bowling – we made this Halloween Tin Can bowling game as a guest post many moons ago… it was so fun to paint the tin cans and then PLAY! Once we got bored of playing.. the tin cans became our Halloween Pen pots.. 10yrs (??) or so later and these tin cans are still knocking around our house. The paint has lasted really well. Alternatively you can use my designs, but recreating by wrapping paper around the tin can and decorating it!

Halloween Gnomes 3d paper

New this year, and already popular – why not give these ridicously cute Shelf Sitter Gnomes a go? I just love them!

Halloween Stress Balls

Spooky DIY Stress Balls – stress balls are SOOOO easy and fun to make. Well.. they are EASY if you know HOW! Ha. There is a special trick to get the flour into your ball….. experiment with different textures!! Be sure to get yourself a smudge resistant pen, as you don’t want your ghosties turning grey and your Jack O’Lanterns looking sad! Definitely a firm favourite in our house.

Halloween lantern

How to make Halloween Jack O’Lantern Mason Jars... Once you have removed sticky labels, mason jars are great craft materials for DIY Luminaries and Lanterns as they hold real candles safely and even protect them a little from the weather. For our Jack O’Lanterns we also recycled orange tissue paper.. so they cost pennies to make. In fact, make them extra eco friendly, by using your own homemade glue, instead of PVA glue!

Halloween Pinata

Mini Pinata Bat! We ADORE crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls. TP Rolls are plentiful, free, eco friendly and above all VERSATILE.. that is if you have someone like Red ted Art to share lots of ideas with you. This one is a favourite.. as we made it sooooo long ago and particularly enjoyed the simple Pinata element to them! Similarly, you can make these pumpkin treat boxes too!

bat bookmarks

How to make an origami bat! Another must make as we do love a bit of EASY origami. I used to hate origami, as I thought I wasn’t really neat enough for it.. turns out.. I was doing the wrong project. Find yourself the EASY projects, perfect for beginners and you can enjoy origami too! Like these CUTE bats! They actually double up as corner bookmarks too. Genius. (This craft is also in the auto play video! Enjoy!!)

Cootie Catcher

Halloween Cootie Catcher Game on my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store – yes, some of my crafts are in Teacher’s Pay Teachers.. I hope that is ok!! But this Halloween Cootie Catcher, really IS worth it…. lots of colouring page fun and then you can go and PLAY! Use it both indoors (with tokens to hide) or outdoors and have yourself a scavenger hunt! So cute.

Halloween scavenger hunt

Or we also have these wonderful Scavenger Hunt Printables for kids! It is a much simpler version of course and free to download. There are two versions – depending on the age and ability of your kids. Last year this went viral.. woohoo! So pleased you all enjoyed it.

I love these 3d Paper Spiders – mainly because I think they are CUTE! I am not a massive fan of spiders per se.. but if it is cute how can you refuse, right? Combine this paper craft with some giant kirigami spider webs (make them from newspapers) and you have yourself some large scale Halloween decor wit some seriously cute details!

Pop Up Monsters

I LOVE that Halloween Cards are becoming a THING. We love sending a handmade card for ANY occassion… but these little Pop Up Monsters are so cute and easy to make. I would say, they are almost a childhood classic…. go on. Have a go today (oh and there are some templates you can get too!).

If you are keen reader of Red Ted Art, you will know that I have a host of Paper Puppets.. but I have to say… I REALLY love these Skeleton Paper Puppets the best – as they incorporate the Day of the Dead and Frida Kahlo elements. There is one basic design and yet you can mix and match and customise it in SO many different ways! Really a unique craft!

Adding the monster features to your wreath

Finally, a “best of” Halloween Craft collection, neesd a WREATH. I love this easy and thrifty Monster Wreath made from newspaper and recycled cardboard! Anything that cost pennies (if that?) to make is good in my books. And you guessed it.. the technique is easy. All you need to decide on is, what colour should my monster be? We went for neon orange! Wooop.

Of course we have MANY MANY MANY more Hallowen crafts on Red Ted Art.. but I thought bring these together in one place would be helpful to you.. and help you plan and get on top of Halloween quickly and easily. In fact.. why not make a craft a day during October Half Term?

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