New Year’s Eve Traditions Quiz

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Well, you know that we like to have a bit of fun for New Year’s! Whether you are celebrating New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day (you don’t HAVE to stay up until midnight, ring in the New Year), why not have a go at our simple New Year’s Traditions QUIZ?! Yes, I have a New Year’s Eve Cootie Catcher, based on the popular New Year’s Eve Traditions from around the World article on Red Ted Art! This would be a fab addition to our New Year’s Eve Countdown

New Year's Eve Quiz
New year’s eve printable fun since July 2022

Whatever your new year’s eve celebrations entail this year.. be sure to include this fun Traditions from around the world quiz!! And sneak in a little bit of education whilst you are at it! Learn about red underwear and empty suitcases.. as well as recognising some flags from around the world! Yes, New Year’s Eve is all about special treats such as Champagne and watching fireworks.. but there is so much more you can have a go at too!

New Year’s Cootie Catcher – Materials

  • Your printable (available for a small fee in my gumroad store)
  • A printer
  • Scissors
  • Optional: coloing pencils if doing the black and white version

*you can of course simply make a plain origami cootie catcher and write your own New Year’s Eve Traditions quiz questions by hand, as well as decorate it for New Year’s! 🙂

What the New Year’s Printable includes:

8 fun traditions for around the world, in the style of:

Q: Which country hangs onions at their door and why?

A: Greece. They are a symbol of fertility & growth

The full colour version also includes a set of country flags, so children can learn to recognise flags from around the world. The countries mentioned are:

  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Philippines
  • Germany
  • Colombia
  • Puerto Rico
  • USA
  • Russia
  • Denmark

Yes that is more than 8 countries, as some countries share similar traditions!

The colour your own version, is the same, but does not include the flags – though you could have a go at drawing your own flags from around the world!

I have also included a very simple blank cootie catcher with the New Year’s Eve message – in which you can write your own New Year’s Eve Traditions quiz questions OR write some New Year’s Fortunes for fun! E.g. what does the coming year have in store for you? Will you have good luck and good fortune in the new year? Will prosperity come..?

Do you know who eats grapes on the stroke of midnight? Who grabs a suitcase on January first? Will yo be eating black-eyed peas? Fabulous New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world to learn about! Lots of fun ways to say good bye to the old year and ring in the new year whilst singing Auld Lang Syne!

To make your New Year’s Eve Quiz game:

Print out the quiz game of choice – either the full colour one or colour your own.

Cut out the cootie catcher square.

Now it is time to revisit the classic Origami Fortune Teller instructions!

Begin by folding the paper across the diagnoal in both directions – so you get a cross shape.

Bring each corner towards the middle and make a neat fold (picture 4 shows the first fold).

Once you have all four folds (top right), flip your paper over.

You will see another “cross” running across you paper.

Again, bring each corner in and fold towards the middle (as per bottom right photo).

Once you have all for folds, fold in half (as per top right), open and fold in half again in the other direction. Just to create some creases.

Now comes the “only” tricky bit.. you need to squeeze all four sides in towards each other as per the bottom left images.

Then lift each flap to make your Cootie Catcher! ENJOY!!!

How to make a Cootie Catcher for New Year’s Eve

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