Easy Origami Bunny

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Time for some Easter Origami. It has been well over a year since we first made this easy Origami Bunny! At the time, I did write about it here on Red Ted Art, but as a Pokemon Origami project, as I thought this bunny was a perfect as a Pikachu craft too! Since then I have had a number of people ask me to post the Origami Bunny version.

origami bunny
Such a cute Paper Easter Craft!

So here it FINALLY is. It really is a super simple origami project for beginners and one that even young children can master. My daughter recently made these cute paper bunnies at school, as part of a lesson about Japan. She then came home and made 10s more. She really does adore them (well we are big bunny fans in this house anyway!). This would make a great easy Paper Easter Craft for Preschoolers.

Easy Origami Bunny

Easy Origami Bunny How To - how cute are these easy Origami Rabbits? Follow these easy steps to make an origami bunny with kids. A great paper craft for Easter! #origami #bunny #rabbit #easter #paper #papercrafts
Making origami bunnies since March 2016! How we love them. So cute!

These little bunnies are part of a whole Paper Crafts SERIES.  Paper crafts are so wonderful, as the majority of them can be made anywhere and any time.. usually, all you need is paper! Occasionally a pen and maybe some scissors.

I have put all our easy beginners Origami for kids projects in one place. Which hopefully means that they are easier for you to browse and find things you would like to try next. In the that origami projects post, I have also added details as to whether I think they are good “beginners beginners” projects or if the projects are better for a child beginning to progress to the next step. So I do hope it is useful for you.

Anyway.. now to our super cute and super easy Origami bunnies! all you will need is a square piece of paper – any size will do… and now watch these easy to follow youtube video.

Origami Bunny Face – Supplies

To make this adorable and EASY Origami Bunny Face, all you need is

  • a square piece of paper*
  • pen or markers for decorating
  • Optional: card making cardstock and paper scraps if turning it into a greeting card

Working in the classroom or hosting an event at the library/ Sunday School? Then our handy worksheets in my Teachers Pay Teachers store are just the thing for you – for the price of LESS than a cup of coffee, you can support the upkeep of this blog and get your hany worksheets plus puns:

*What kind of paper is best?

As this origami bunny is made from simple folds, you can use most papers – from construction paper, to printer paper, to pretty patterned paper to origami paper!

Origami paper however, is always best, as it tends to be a little thinner and therefore easier for folding and making neat creases. But any paper will do! Work with what you have.

Easy Origami Bunny Video Tutorial:

The super simple origami bunny video tutorial on auto play shows you how fun and easy this Origami Bunny face is to make. If you prefer, you can follow the step by step photo instructions below!

As mentioned, a printable version of this Origami Bunny is available for Teacher’s Pay Teachers. This includes – a lesson plan overview, a one page worksheet for easy printing and a bonus sheet with speech bubbles suitable for card making and different occassions.

origami bunny
Read more about our Bunny Cards here.

As you can see, these paper bunnies make LOVELY Bunny Greeting Cards.

How to make an Origami Bunny Face – Step By Step instructions!

simple origami bunny

1 ) Take a square piece of paper and fold it across the diagonal. Make a neat crease. You should now have a triangle.

2) Fold the long edge up by about ¾ inch.

3) Fold down the centre to make a central guide line. Open up again.

simple origami bunny rabbit

4) Bring the bottom right hand edge to meet the central perpendicular.

5) Repeat with the bottom left hand edge.

6) Fold up a small triangle to shape the bunny’s face (this is also like a little bunny tail).

7) Flip over and tuck the top part of the head in (to shape the face some more).

simple origami bunny face

8) Decorate with pens and paper – add rosy cheeks if you wish. If using for Valentine’s Day Cards or Mother’s Day, add heart cheeks.

I do hope you enjoyed this simple paper bunny craft and that you have a go!! See you soon!!

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