Paint Pouring Rocks for Valentine’s

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More fun Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crafts with today’s gues post by Twichetts, also would work wonderfully as Valentine’s Art Project.

Learn all about how to do paint poyring and create these beautiful Paint Pouring Rocks for Valentine’s!

Pour Painted Rocks How To for Valentines

Hi! Susie here from Twitchetts. We are really excited to share this fun painting technique with you! You can find pour painting all over the internet lately. It is a fun process that creates some truly unique crafts! We love painting rocks so today mixing these 2 techniques together to create some fun pour painted Valentines themed stones.

Painting Pouring Rocks – supplies needed

Pour Painted Rocks How To for Valentines
  • For this process you will use a DIY pouring medium (white glue and water),
  • acrylic paint,
  • stones,
  • craft sticks,
  • a paint pen for writing,
  • and a sealer at the end to protect your work.
  • I use an old cookie sheet and cutting board for my work surface. It will keep the stones up out of the paint that will gather below.

How to Pour Paint Rocks for Valentines

How to mix your own pour paint medium

Prepare your pouring medium

Start by mixing up some pouring medium. Mix white glue and water 1:1 and stir well. Now mix up your paints 1:1 with the pouring medium. The pouring medium helps save paint and allows your paint to flow better. Once you paints are mixed well start stacking them into another container. You can do this in multiple batches or all at once.

Pour Painted Rocks How To for Valentines

Get paint pouring

Next, pour the paint over your rocks. You can do this back in forth or swirl around. Play around with different movements to see different patterns with the paint. You can tilt your cookie rack from side to side, grab a craft stick to fill in gaps, or even use your hands to move the paint around.

You can see all of these things in the video below. Once the tops of your stones are covered set aside to dry. Move them from time to time so they don’t stick.

Pour Painted Rocks How To for Valentines

Adding finishing touches to your Pour Painting Rocks

After they have dried completely, you can easily add designs on top using a paint pen. Make sure to seal your rocks when you are done!

Pour Painted Rocks How To for Valentines

Want to see the step by step video? Take a peak at this easy to follow video tutorial!

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