What Easter Crafts to Make with Toilet Paper Rolls

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If you love crafting with recycled materials and are looking for what to make with toilet paper rolls this Easter.. check out this adorable collection of Toilet Paper Roll Easter Crafts! Not only do we have the classic Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies (a 5min craft!), but some beautiful floral napkin rings, egg cup holders and more… read on to find out!

What to make from toilet paper rolls for easter

What to make from Toilet Paper Rolls this Easter and Spring!

Chicken Treat Boxes

Cardboard Tube Pyramid Chicken Box

I am totally bias.. but this Toilet Paper Roll Chicken Box is one of my favourite Easter Toilet Roll Crafts of all times. It is so quick and easy to make and I love the pyramid shape of this gift box. Ideal for that little chicken decorative detail. Super quick to make too (ie no painting or sticking required) and perfect for small gifts. Needless to say, use kitchen paper towel cardboard tubes if you prefer!

rabbit toilet paper rolls

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Rabbit

This is porbably the most popular Toilet Paper Roll make for Easter.. and there are literally 100s of different ways to you can make this oh so simple and oh so easy Paper Tube Bunny! I love the simplicity of this one particularly, as you don’t have to get messy with paints and you make the most of the natural colour of cardboard tubes!

You can will this little Easter bunny with chocolate eggs, add a bit of tissue paper to the bottom and he doubles up as a fabously quick Easter Bunny Gift Box!

Shaun the Sheep Stule Toilet Paper Roll

I love this Toilet Paper Roll Sheep, not only because it is cute (and easy of course), but because it is also great for yarn wrapping fans. Yarn wrapping is a wonderful activity especially for younger children – allowing for some sensory fun and some cute craft projects. Then simply glue on a simple black face and you have your little sheep toilet roll craft finished!

Woolly sheep made from toilet paper rolls

I confess this wolly sheep (of mine!) is NOT one of my favourites as it required a little more effort. That said, I love the combination of textures – using cotton wool, sticks and toilet rolls to craft with your kids!

Super cute Bunny Rabbits made from Paper Rolls

How clever is this little tutorial for Happy Toddler Playtime? Turn a toilet paper roll into super fab little cardboard tube bunnies! Just don’t forget that adorable cotton tail at the end!

Paper Tube Egg Cups

Super Make It shares these adorable and easy to make Toilet Roll Easter Egg Cups.

More Bunny Egg Cups

As with many of the Easter Toilet Paper Roll crafts.. you can have “one idea” – ie here the Easter Egg Cups… and yet SO many different creative executions of the same idea. Like these lovely bunny eggs cups from Heimwerker.de they are actually made from paper printables.. but they would be PERFECT for paper rolls too! I especially love the doodle ears!

Printable Napkin Ring Holder Lamb

Elsar Blog makes it even easier for you – all you need is one paper roll and their free lamb printable and bob’s your uncle. Adorable Lamb Napkin Ring Holder sorted!

Pink Stripey Socks

Floral Napkin Rings made with Toilet Paper Rolls

And here you.. yet another way you can literally TRANSFORM the humble toilte paper roll. If you are looking for what to make with toilet paper rolls this Easter, surely these Floral Napkin Rings are a must. So crazy pretty! Birds Party has the full tutorial.

More floral spring napkin rings

Interior Frugalista also has a beautiful set of floral spring napkin rings to inspire you!

Toilet Roll Binoculars for Easter

Toilet Roll Binoculars are always a great favourite and we have made them in different guises before. As you can see here, from Live Over Cs, that they make a great Easter craft too – after all, you will need your toilet roll binoculars to help spot the Easter rabbit.. right?

Make some Fluffy Bunny Binoculars

Or why not go one step further and make these fabulously Fluffy Bunny Binoculars from Toilet Paper Rolls! Candy Jar Chronicals share how!

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of Toilet Paper Crafts for Easter!

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