Paper Mice Finger Puppets

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Hooray, we have yet more paper mice finger puppets for you today.. we shared another mouse finger puppet “version” with you already (a cute 3d Cone Mouse) and this time.. have this circle mouse craft.. where your fingers become the Mouse’s feet..

We love working with “basic shapes”.. it is such a fun way to explore shapes with kids.. and it is amazing what you can create using just one shape!!! Whynot combine with these with a If You Give a Mouse a Cookie lesson plan? So fun!

Mouse finger puppet made from circles
Making Paper Mice Finger Puppets since August 2019

These Paper Mice Puppets are perfect for Chinese New Year and the “Year of the Rat 2020. So ok.. they aren’t specifically a paper rat puppet.. but rats and mice are similar.. right? And when working with kids (especially younger children).. a cute mouse craft surely is better than a scary rat craft!! 😉

Also.. as this paper craft uses circles only.. it is a fantastic simple “steam” activity for preschoolers, learning about shapes!

Circle Mouse Finger Puppet Materials –

I used a Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter, with their concentric circle thinlit dies… simply because I “could”.. but you can of course use anything to trace your own circle mice.. OR make use of our handy printable and worksheets! Really a question of what resources you have available to you.

  • Card stock in pretty mouse colours
  • Scissors or die cutter
  • Glue Stick
  • Pens
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • 3/4 inch hole punch

You can of course create your own pattern for this Mouse Printable, but if you would like a 3 page printable with introductions, worksheet and 2 mice printables, head over to my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store where you can get this for $2!

Mouse finger puppet made from circles

How to make Paper Mice Finger Puppets from Circles

basic shapes needed for a circle mouse

Cut out your basic shapes – you will need one larger circle for the paper mouse body, a slightly smaller one for the head, two medium circle for the ears and a 4th smaller circle x 2 for the mice ear inside. You will also need a tail and some whiskers.

Glue the ear parts together, then glue to the back of the head.

assembling a paper mouse puppet

Draw on your mouse features and glue on the details – such as the whiskers and googly eyes if you wish!

Stick the head to the body and glue on the tail.

Take your hole punch and make the “finger holes” for your Mice finger puppets.

Finished! And play!

Mouse finger puppet made from circles

Or watch our “How to make paper mice puppets” video here:

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