Easy Preschool Remembrance Day Crafts

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After the popularity of our Stained Glass Poppy Craft or Poppy Suncatcher, I thought bringing together all our Preschool Remembrance Day Activities and crafts in one place would be useful.

Easy Remembrance Day Activities for preschoolers, including handprint poppies and suncatchers

When is Remembrance Sunday?

Remembrance Day is always on the 11th day of the 11th month. Remembrance Sunday falls on the Sunday closest to it:

  • In Canada and the United States Veterans Day or Remembrance Day is always on November 11th.
  • In the UK both the 11th and Remembrance Sunday are observed, with Remembrance Sunday usually being the Sunday closest to the 11th Nov.
  • In America, Memorial Day is also celebrated on the last Monday in May.
  • Anzac day is on the 25th April.

UK Remembrance Sunday 2022 is on the 13th November.

Though the poppy theme stems from the First World War, poppies are now a common theme for Remembrance of any fallen soldiers and veterans.

The simple shape of the red petals of the poppy also makes this a great Remembrance Day Craft theme for preschoolers and toddlers to work on.

Easy Poppy Crafts for Preschoolers

For our youngest readers, these collection of crafts are simple to make. Younger children may not fully understand the concept of war and remembrance.. but I believe it is good to gradually introduce these to them over time. This collection of poppy themed activities, is great for promoting fine-motor skills, as well as bring family members together to work on osme great projects.

Poppy Crafts

Beautiful Poppy Suncatchers is a must for any art activities with you children (includes free poppy printable template) – these can also be used to make a fantastic Poppy Wreath in the classroom.

I made this poppy clay bowl with my then 6 year old daughter – yes a little older than preschool.. but the shapes are super simple (we only used circles) and you use a normal bowl to shape your clay poppy. I think it would be suitable as a lovely Preschool Remembrance Day craft too!

Handprint Poppies, detail

Handprint Poppy Wreath – this is a super cute and easy craft that you can do together, all you need is some construction paper, paint and your hands! A lovely way to decorate for Remembrance Day!

poppy wreath
Making a poppy wreath is a great collaborative project for preschool classrooms too!

You can turn our suncatcher poppies into a great Paper Poppy Craft by making these fabulous torn paper poppy wreath. This was created in a classroom environment – adn I love how the children worked together to make this Rreemembrance Sunday craft.

Carrots are Orange has another lovely version of this torn paper poppy. Torn paper projects are great for finger strengthening activities!

poppy cookies

You could also have a go at our Poppy Cookies. A super simple make, that could work well as a Remembrance Day fundraiser. My preschoolers especially loved the chocolate button centre!

coffee filter flowers

This coffee filter poppy craft by Happy Hooligans is rapidly turning into a “childhood classic” for toddlers and preschoolers to make. It is simple and yet effective. We love the use of coffee filters and of course the kids LOVE to get painting!

poppy egg carton wreath

Make some super sweet Egg Carton Poppy Wreaths with Rainy Day Mum. A lovely process of painting and cutting skills.

No Time for Flashcards has another lovely version of the Poppy Egg Carton wreath to celebrate Veterans Day!

preschool paper plate poppy

Paper Plate Poppies – Happy Hooligans

preschool poppy print

Potato Print Poppies are super fun and a simple activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Toddlers are always fasctinated by printing making. And potatoes are perfect for making print poppies.

preschool remembrance

I originially had a different Handprint poppy linked for you, but that website is no longer available. Luckily you can still see this lovely Handprint Poppy instead. Love the virbrant red handprint poppy petals and then simply add some poppy centres with a black marker or with finger prints.

tissue paper poppies

Scrunched Tissue Paper Poppy – Happy Hooligans – scrunched tissue paper crafts are always lovely for finger motor skills and development.

preschool poppies

A super sweet and simple cupcake liner poppy craft by Laughing Kids Learn. The craft stick stem means that you can easily pop these in the ground if you wish to!

cupcake liner poppy wreath

Similarly Mama Papa Bubba has a lovely cupcake liner wreath! Simply arm yourself with your red cupcake liners, grab the glue stick and get making! Then add some simple black cut outs and buttons to the poppy’s center and you have a gorgeous basis for a poppy wreath craft.

poppy lantern

This activity is particularly good for practicing your scissor skills and straight line cutting. The resulting Poppy Lanterns are super sweet too!

Finally, wht not check out another childhood favourite and make some pinwheel poppies? Aren’t they lovely. Preschoolers LOVE making pinwheels. Watch the video no Youtube today.

Need more Remembrance Day Activities

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