Rocking Paper Plate Tiger Craft for Kids

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This is an adorable Paper Plate Tiger Craft for kids – not only are you make a super cute paper tiger decoration, but this little literally “rocks”. A super cute tiger craft for any wild animal study unit or perfect for the Year of the Tiger DIYs this Chinese New Year!

Rocking Paper Tiger

How do you make a tiger out of paper plates?

Read on and find out! It really is super easy to make a tiger out of paper plates! You can choose to work with plain white plates or orange paper plates! Your call.

When is Chinese New Year 2022?

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year in 2022 falls on the 1st February 2022.

What is the animal for Chinese New Year 2022?

You have guessed it.. Chinese New Year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger! The next new year of the Tiger isn’t until 2034!

Materials need for your Paper Plate Tiger Craft:

Paper plate tiger
  • a paper plate
  • orange paint or thick orange felt tip pens
  • black paint or pen
  • green pen
  • pencil for sketching
  • paint brushes/ water
  • scissors
  • a little sticky tape

How to make a Paper Plate Tiger ROCKING craft!

You can watch our handy video on auto play or check out the step by step instructions below!

paper plate half

Begin by folding your paper plate in half.

sketch tiger

Now sketch out very lightly a mouth part, eyes and ears.

paint paper plate

Paint the whole paper plate oranges APART from the eyes and mouth part.

let tiger dry

Let dry fully.

add tiger eyes

Once dry, using your pens, add pupiles, black outlines.

add tiger features

A nose and mouth.

Details to the ears.

And the classic tiger stripes! You can also add these tiger stripes with black paint or black paper if you wish!

cut into paper plate side

Carefully cut into the side (where the paper plate is folded) and cut out the ear. Repeat on the other side.

secure back of paper plate

Take a little tape and secure the initial cut you made to “get to the ear” on both sides.

Now fold the plate in half – the ears should stand up!

final detail for rocking craft

And a little taped to itself to make a circle to the inside of your folded paper plate to secure it and allow it to rock (without flapping open).

rocking tigers

Your rocking paper plate tigers for kids are FINISHED!

Wouldn’t these make a lovely Year of the Tiger Craft for Chinese New Year? We have a collection of Tiger Crafts coming for you soon. But in the meantime..

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