Halloween Window Letter Hunt

Time for a Halloween Craft & Activity that the kids can take part in AND enjoy. We have created a super simple, but oh so fun Halloween Window Letter Hunt for kids. A great Halloween activity that involves the whole neighbourhood! This Halloween Letter hunt is part of our extensive list of Halloween Ideas for families to enjoy together and in the community!

Window Letter Hunt for Halloween

Back at Easter time, my neighbours and I organised an Easter Window Letter Hunt – prompted by Inner Child Fun‘s Egg Hunt idea! It was super simple and quick to organise and the kids had SO MUCH fun touring the neighbourhood, looking for the letters and unscrambling them to make a word…. I thought this is a really nice way to get outside and have some of the fun of going from house to house and looking at people’s Halloween decorations. So if you are looking for a fun family Halloween activity, I hope you will have a go at our Halloween Window Letter Hunt (with free printable letters!).

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Before you grab your printable below… just to let you know we have some GORGEOUS Halloween Cootie Catchers as well! Another fun way to go on a Scavenger Hunt with kids. These Halloween Cootie Catchers have 3 versions:

  • Halloween scavenger hunt (can be played indoors and combined with a candy hunt, as it also has some printables “tokens”)
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  • Haloween “blank” (to add your own quiz questions or Halloween Jokes – e.g. our FREE Ghost Jokes or Spider Jokes)
Halloween Cootie Catcher Scavenger Hunt, quiz

How to organise a Social Distancing Halloween Letter Hunt

Window Letter Hunt for Halloween

In our case, it is pretty straight forward… and there are number of ways to get this organised –

1. Neighbourhood Whats App’s Groups

We have a neighbourhood What’s App Group with around 80-90 homes on it.

  1. I posted in the group, asking who would like to join in.
  2. Then I picked the first xx people to respond and privately assigned them a letter.
  3. Send them a link to this blog post, so they can download all the letters and print off the one they need. OR tell them to find a letter of a similar size online and use that!
  4. Decorate your letter! Make it bright and colourful. Add drawings if you wish.
  5. Hang them in your window on a certain date and by a certain time (e.g. we hung them in windows on the 24th October by 11pm, so the kids could go letter hunting all of half term holidays)

2. Neighbour Facebook Groups

As above!

3. Personally message people

If you don’t have social media groups, then may text message or email families that you think would be interested and invite them to join in with displaying a letter! Tell them to let their immediate neighbours and friends know, so they too can join in with the letter hunt!

Top Tips for organising your Socially Distant Halloween Activity

Make Note of Letters & Address: I recommend that you keep note of which households you have assigned a letter to, as it helps you later you on. It also avoid omissions of letters or doubling up accidentally.

Set a Date and time: Let participants know what day and TIME to put up their letters. Let run the letter hunt for 2-3 days to avoid “congestion” on the street. Inform the rest of the neighbourhood when it is live.

Walk the route: once they are all up, walk the route and make sure you can see all the letters and that none are missing.

Share instructions: Have at least one household include instructions next to their letter – so that families not on social media or in your direct contact can join in too. Keep it simple: “Find all the xxx letters and unscramble them to make a work”.

Prizes for a Halloween/ Candy Hunt

Again, you can use this Letter Hunt as a way to award sweets and candy to the kids, should you choose, NOT to do the traditional trick or treating method. E.g. you could –

  • for each letter found the parent gives the child a sweet (from your own stash) – this quickly then turns the letter hunt into a candy hunt!
  • once all letters have been found and unscrambled, the parents give their child a treat or small gift.
  • as the event organiser, you can have a “grand” prize to the family that finds all the letters first – maybe a bucket full of treats, a Halloween related book or something else appropriate.

Your Halloween Window Letter Hunt Printable

Printable Halloween Letters

This printable is free for you to use. I created two sets to choose from:

  • Happy Halloween (14 households to participate) – printable includes all letters for both sets of words
  • Spooky (6 households) – printable includes all letters for both sets of words
  • Or do both and have a total of 20 letters to find

Our printable letters are free to download! You can of course search for your own letters online or draw your own letter from scratch! Whatever you prefer!

Decorate your letters

Decorate the letters in whatever way you want! We decided to add eye balls and teeth to ours!

Social Distancing Activity for Halloween

Each Household only prints and colours in one (though we did a set here for inspiration!).

Social Distancing Halloween Word Letter Hunt

Then pops it in their window for the kids to spot and write down!

Isn’t it fun?

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