Passover Activities for Kids

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Today, I share a collection of Passover activities for kids, to help teach children about the Passover story as well as involve them in the celebrations.

PAssover ideas

As many of you know, I aim to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to the variety of craft projects I share on this website! I reader recently asked me about Passover Activities and Crafts for Kids, so I decided to put this article together for you. I, myself, am not Jewish, so these isn’t my “area of expertise”, but I still wanted to provide a useful resource for you.

I know that many of the Passover activities have deep meaning, and I haven’t gone into depth with these – as you, my dear reader, most probably know and understand these much better than I do. Please do not be offended if some of the detail and meaning is lacking. Also, I hope that I didn’t want to get anything wrong. If you read something here that needs amending, please do drop me an email. I am always learning too!

There are three websites, I feel I REALLY need to give a shout out for this collection of activities.. and that you may want to follow going forward:

  • Creative Jewish Mom – this site has a WEALTH of Passover resources, I have picked out a handful for you, but really.. you can deep dive into this site for more ideas. I have always liked this websit, for non Jewish crafts too.
  • Tovi Avery – this site comes up time and time again, with some great activities and again, I have highlighted my favourite ones. It is primarly a food blog though, but I think you will love this too.
  • Fantastic Fun & Learning – regularly appears when I research Jewish activities, so again, should be a great site to follow and explore!

When is Passover in 2023?

This year, Passover falls on the Evening of Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 and runs until the Evening of Thursday, April 13th, 2023.

Passover Story for Kids

Passover celebrates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and to remember the hardship of the 10 plagues that were sent by God to get Pharaoh to set jewish slaves free. It is an 8 day spring holiday, which starts with a seder. This is a retelling of the Passover and usually includes special food, traditions and songs.

Here is a great simple summary of the Passover story to read to children and explain the Passover story, in a much simplified way, to kids! Similarly Fantastic Fun & Learning has an great article on how to involve preschool children in Passover celebrations in a meaningful way.

Key take away themes to explore from the Passover story are:

I always like to look for “themes”, as these often allow for child friendly activities. The key themes of the Passover story are –

  • Pharaoh
  • Moses
  • Egypt
  • Ten plagues – water turning to blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, kill of first born children – read more about the plagues here
  • Blood of lambs on door frames to protect the firts borns
  • Matzahs (flat bread)
  • Parting of the Red Sea
  • Passover meal to remember & celebrate

The term Passover actually comes from the 10th plague – the killing of the first born. God told the Jews to paint the blood of a lamb over their door frames so that the Angel of Death would “pass over” and spare their first born children.

Popular Passover Activities for Kids

Passover crafts

A seder plate is a comment theme for Passover crafts, as the seder plate is central to Passover celebrations and contains the symbolic foods of Passover. Tori Avery has a great download that explains the seder plate blessings. It explains the meanings of the following blessings:

  • Beitzah – Egg Blessing
  • Maror – Bitter Herb Blessing
  • Zaroah – Shankbone
  • Charoset – Mortar Blessing
  • Chazeret – Second Bitter Herb Blessing
  • Karpas – Vegetable Blessing

Passover seder plate

And here is Tori Avery’s Passover seder plate! They made it using procelain pens, but you can of course do a simplified version using Paper Plates to decorate your own seder plate! Here resources include a handy printable to use as a guide!

Passover seder pillow

A seder pillow is part of the custom to feast during ceder celebrations. Learn how to make a seder pillow case with Creative Jewish Mom. Older kids can practice their sewing skills first and young children can simply decorate their pillow cases with fabric permanent markers. You can decorate the pillows with seder plate references or four cups of wine drawings etc.

passover cleaning

Pop Art Passover Cleaning Signs

Getting the house ready for Passover is a key part of the Passover traditions. Specifically – cleaning the house to remove all signs of grain. Creative Jewish Mom, has a fun way to help children get invovled by making these wonderful Pop Art Cleaning Signs – a reminder to children which areas of the house have already been cleaner thoroughly.

passover cleaning

Passover Cleaning Signs (Part 2)

Creative Jewish Moms also has these pretty alternative doodle “frames” for Passover Cleaning messages. Love them! If pop art isn’t your style, these little hangers can be made for doorknobs etc as you go around the house and get it clean and ready for Passover.

Make an Afikomen Bag (sometimes spelt Afikoman)

As mentioned Matzahs are an important part of the Passover traditions. During the passover only this bread is eaten. So it will feature in many activities for children too. One of these is the Afikomen Bag – some Matzah is placed inside and hidden. Children are then encouraged to go and find it. The one who finds it first receives a prize. A homemade Afikomen Bag is therefore a fun craft to make with your children.

Make an Afikomen Bag – made from paper bags

Make it Jewish as a lovely paper Afikomen Bag DIY for you to try out!

Felt Afikomen Bag Craft

Tori Avey has a wonderful felt Afikomen Bag you can have a go at too!

baby moses

Moses in a basket craft

A baby moses craft is always a great theme, especially for young children. Jewish Learning Matters, has a sweet egg carton crafton. If you can’t find a little baby toy, you can always draw a paper baby moses.

walnut crafts

Walnut Basket Babies

Though, I have made these as more “generic” baby in basket crafts, these little walnut babies could also be a cute little “moses in a basket” craft.

toilet roll moses

Toilet Paper Roll Moses

You know we have a thing about toilet roll crafting – a simple craft material that is surprisingly versatile. How about adding a Toilet Roll Moses to your story telling? Fun Family Crafts shares how.

sing with miriam

Paper Plate Tambourine

Or why not make a Tambourine for the Song of the Sea at Passover – children can make “Miriam’s Tambourine” and join in with singing during the celebrations. See Jewish Journal for detailed how to.

plague of frog craft

Plague Frogs from newspapers

Alpha Moms shares ther plague of frogs activity. Though she reminds that Passover is a serious event, when telling the story to children, making aspects of the story a little more light hearted is ok too.

crazy jumping frogs

Passover Origami Frog & More Passover Origami

Similarly – though I didn’t make this Origami Frog for Passover – you may find this origami frog a “fun” addition to your Passover crafting. If you want to explore all 10 plagues with Passover Origami, this website, has a full set of 10 plague interpretations (though I like OUR frog better!).

elijahs cup passover craft


Again, we visit Creative Jewish Mom, for her wonderful Passover Crafts. This time she shares this recycled Elijah’s Cup Craft for kids. You may also like the Four Cups of Wine and the simplye Pyramid decorations.

Passover printable activities crafts

Free Passover puppet printable

Printable Paper Puppets for the Passover Story

With Love Ima has a wonderful set of printable puppets to act out the Passover story.

10 plagues printable

10 Plagues Coloring Pages Printable

Tori Avery also has a wonderful 10 Plagues Finger Puppet Printable. It is a free to download and comes in “full color” or as 10 Plague Coloring Pages!

passover napkin rings printable

10 Plagues Napkin Rings

Similarly Alpha Mom has this design as part of their 10 Plague Napkin Ring design. A quick and easy craft (with free printable) to add some educational elements to your Passover table. You could glue them onto cardboard tubes to make them extra sturdy! And use markers or crayons to add names to the napkin rings as table settings.

So, I hope this has given you a good start into your Passover Activities for Kids planning. Remember, if you fancy some more fantastic ideas, to check out:

For more recent creations and ways to celebrate.

passover ideas for kids