2024 Patriotic Memorial Day Activities for Kids


This year Memorial Day falls on Monday 27th May 2024. If you are celebrating Memorial Day with kids, we have a host of fantastic Patriotic Memorial Day Activities and Memorial Crafts for you to browse and have a go at.

From patriotic printables, to Memorial Day treats and Memorial Day picture books for kids. So many ideas for Memorial Day in once place. Many of our American Flag Crafts make a perfect activity here too.

Collage of Memorial Day Activities for Kids, including printables, crafts, decor, food and books

Memorila Day Flag Photo Credit: Valentino Funghi on Unsplash

Make some patriotic Memorial Day Crafts with Kids

We have some great patriotic craft printables

I particularly like this Paper Lantern craft for Memorial Day, as “lighting a light” in memory of someone is very fitting for this commemorative day. Use electric tea lights or string up some fairy lights with these over the top and you have a wonderful Memorial Day decoration!

Another version of the Patriotic Lantern craft – are these Coloring Pages Lanters. These would be wonderful in combination with some story telling and mindfulness time. Get the kids to color and listen and about Memorial Day as part of their Memorial Day activities.

Patriotic Paper fans are super quick and easy to make and look fantastic. They make a great hand held “toy” or “thing to wave” at a Memorial Day parade, but also work as large rosettes as Memorial Day decorations – be it at home, the garden or a community hall.

Our American Flag Cootie Catchers were ostentatiously made for Flag Day – the quiz found within is all about the American Flag (a  great learning opportunity) but there is also a blank template suitable for any patriotic celebration. Add your own questions, facts or dedications.

As well as other Memorial Day Crafts for kids

Sponge Painted Flag by No Time for Flashcards is a super cute way to involve younger kids this Menorial Day. Easy and effective!

5 Memorial Day Books for Kids

The following list contains affiliate links which have been added for your convenience! Should you choose to purchase through these, I will earn a small comission that goes towards the upkeep of this site!

The Poppy LadyMoina Belle Michael and Her Tribute to Veterans

Moina is the lady credited for establishing the Red Poppy (more crafts on that below) as a symbol for Memorial Day and Remembrance Day. Many of her students and friends fought in World War I. This how Moina fought to establish a way to remember them by.

Rags Hero Dog of WWI

Animals played a huge role in World War I and this book is based on a true story of “Rags” – a dog that provide much support to soldiers on the battle field. A poignant story about loyalty and comaderie.

Memorial Day Surprise

If you are visiting a Memorial Day Parade for the first time, this may be a good picture book to read and help kids understand what it is all about.. needless to say – be mindful of the ending in case you can promise a similar result! In this story, Marco, discovers that his grandfather is a true American Hero….

Veterans: Hereos in our neighborhood

A lovely rhyming book for all ages – reminding us that there are heros all around us.

The Wall

This book is specifically about a memorial for the Vietnam War. A father and his son visit The Wall in search of his grandfather’s name.

Rolling Thunder

Focusing on the annual Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom – a ride in honour of those left behind as well as veterans. A book from a slightly different perspective!

In Flanders Fields

If you are looking for something more educational and for older kids (10yrs+) this and excellent award winning book focusing on the famous “In Flanders Fields” poem by John McCrae (which inspired the Red Poppy movement). The poem is shared and more information about life during World War I is given.

Make some Patriotic Desserts

Simplest of simplest Memorial Day cookies that even preschoolers can help make! Use store bought cookies or make our own egg free shortbread recipe. Delicious.

More Patriotic Treats for Kids found here! I love the blueberry, syrawberry and banana toast for breakfast! So simple and clever. YUM!

Other Memorial Day Ideas

  • Visit a local cemetry or memorial to remember and honour fallen men and women.
  • Find out if there is a local Memorial Day Parade and attend. Be sure to make on of our Flag Paper Fans shared above to wave and support the people marching in the parade.

More Patriotic Ideas –

As mentioned we have many more American Flag Day Crafts for you to browse here!

Poppy Crafts for Memorial Day

Though poppies are often more associated with Remembrance Day in November – reflecting the poppies that grew on the French Battle Fields in World War I, I though it would be nice to share our three favourite Poppy Crafts for Memorial Day too.

A free template to help you make these three different Poppy Suncatchers. A reader recently shared a wonderful collaborative Poppy Wreath idea based on these templates!

Make some clay Poppy Bowls. These were inspired by some clay poppies that were created for the “Blood Swept Lands” installation. They are an easy craft and a great way to make and discuss the significance of poppies whilst crafting.

Or make yourself a permanent lapel poppy from felt. A super quick sewing project.

Feeling inspired by these Poppy Crafts for Rembrance Sunday? We have lots more over here to browse!

Hope you have found these Memorial Day Activity resource useful and inspirational!