Poppy DIY – Easy Clay Bowl

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Some of you may know, that I can be a LITTLE impatient. It is because I am impatient, that I shared this “in progress” Poppy DIY – our easy clay bowls on Instagram. We started making these poppy bowls as Christmas Gifts that the kids can make. But also with a “double” function of giving us an opportunity to discuss Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy and why we commemorate Remembrance Day! We also recently made some beautiful DIY Poppy Suncatchers for Preschoolers and I have a fantastic set of Remembrance Day Activities (+ the meaning and info on charitable organisations) for you – please do browse that article too! It is grouped by preschooler, kids and grown up activities!

Easy DIY Poppy Bowls. These Poppy Bowls are simple for kids to make. They are fabulous for Remembrance Day or for as a homemade gift that kids can make!
Please remember to donate to veterans charities if making Poppy DIYs this Remembrance Day! These were first made in October 2016

If you don’t have clay, try making these with salt dough?


Easy Clay Poppy Bowl – Materials

  • a bowl (we had two different sizes)
  • cellophane
  • a rolling pin
  • a glass or sall plate for shape cutting
  • a nice lump of clay softened (we buy air drying clay in bulk online – US/ UK (affiliate links))

(read how to soften hardened air dry clay here).

Easy Clay Poppy Bowl – How To Video tutorial

The Clay Poppy Bowl Video tutorial is showing on auto play. It shows my daughter (6yrs) and I making these. Alternatively, scroll down for the step by step stills from the video as well as written instructions!

How to make a clay bowl poppy step by step instructions

If your air dry clay as become too hard with time, soften it before you begin this project!

Make the poppy petals

  1. Make sure you clay is nice and soft so it is easier to work with.
  2. Roll out to approx 1cm in thickness
  3. Cut out 3 circles with your glass. We used a normal glass for the small poppy bowl and a large glass for the large poppy clay bowl.
  4. Smoothen down the edges – clay can have “hairy” bits in it – that give it strength an structure, smooth these sides down.

Shape the poppy petals into a bowl

  1. Lay flat against the side of bowl. Lay all three evenly apart and gently press against the bowl to give them the bowl shape.
  2. Smoothen any edges or bumps in your clay poppy bowl with a wet finger.
  3. Make a small ball by rolling it in your palm. Then flatten it and place it in the centre of the poppy flower. Gently press down.
  4. Now take a tooth pick and add some poppy seed details.

Paint your clay poppy bowls in vibrant red

We painted our poppies in a classic red poppy colour – perfect for Remembrance Sunday. But of course poppies do come in lots of different colours – I have seen some lovely pink, purple and orange ones about!

  1. Let dry over a few days.. then paint. We used bright red and black acrylic paints!

I think that they make FABULOUS Christmas Gifts too!

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