Easy Rabbit Headband For Lunar New Year

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Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year isn’t for a little while.. but I do like to start “collecting” cute crafts to inspire you throughout the year. The next Chinese New Year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit! And though we do have lots of cute bunny crafts, I am picking out the BEST of the bunny crafts that are suitable as “Year of the Rabbit Crafts” for you as we go! Today, we have a little paper rabbit headband, which is a particularly cute activity for kindergarten or preschoolers!

year of the rabbit printable
Get your toddler Chinese New Year ready for the Year of the Rabbit!

Those eagle eyed among you, will know that we have shared this bunny headband before (I salute you for your loyalty!) around Easter time. But I wanted to show you, that by switching out the colours – using red and yellows – you can quickly and easily make these suitable for Chinese New Year too.

I have even added “Happy New Year” in chinese for you to add to the paper head band! So you can do a little additional learning too! A great way to celebrate Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year where ever you are!

These headbands don’t HAVE to be made in red or yellow … you can still use white printer paper and get the kids to colour their work in any colour they wish! It really is up to you and them.

As before, this printable is available in my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store for less than the price of a cup of coffee! By purchasing it there, you help support the upkeep of this website! If you do not wish to buy it, you can be inspired by today’s craft and draw your own simple bunny face! As you can see it really is simple shape, and I am sure you can give this a go too!

When is The Lunar New Year 2023? When is the Year of the Rabbit?

As mentioned 2023 is indeed the Year of the Rabbit! With the actual Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, depending on where you are celebrating, falling on Sunday 22nd January 2023!

Year of the Rabbit headbands – supplies needed:

For this Chinese New Year printable activity you will need:

  • The printables (one page has two bunny heads, the second is for the headband, you will need to print 2 of these to make 2 bunny headbands)
  • Paper or colored paper (we used red paper* and white paper in the example)
  • A pair of scissors (child friendly scissors ideal)
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: Coloring pencils or markers if you wish

(only available on both Gumroad and teachers pay teachers )

year of the rabbit

Check out China Highlights for this list of lucky and and unlucky elements for Year of the Rabbit individuals! Use this as a giude as to what colours to make your rabbits in! I think it is ok to use white for the headband, so long as your “main” rabbit colour isn’t white, dark yellow or dark brown!

Making this easy Rabbit Headband:

Making this Year of the Rabbit Headband is incredibly EASY!

year of the rabbit printable
Preschooler rabbit printable for Chinese New Year!

AS you can see from the printable, you have your basic instructions written on the printable too!

1. Print onto coloured or white paper

2. Cut out shapes you want to use

3. Tape or staple paper rectangles to make head band and to fit size of child’s head add

4. Decorate with shapes & pens

5. Optional: add eco friendly glitter or additional pen decorations or tissue paper pom poms!

year of the rabbit head band
An easy rabbit craft for preschoolers this Lunar New Year

Done!! How easy was that? And so cute too!

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rabbit crafts for lunar new year
Super cute Year of the Rabbit Headband

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