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Oh I we do love Autumn!!!! I think I have gushed about Autumn and Autumn Crafts for Kids in a number of posts now… but I still can’t get enough. We love conkers, acorns, sticks and pinecones. We drag them all home and then we get crafty… A pinecone craft can be a little tricky – as the there is little “surface area” for sticking things on and they do have a tendency to fall over a bit like a weeble (though that stands up again). So I set myself a task to create more kids pinecone crafts!

And I give you: Pinecone Fairies:

pinecone crafts

Inspired by little waldorf dolls, I think these are adorable. And relatively easy to make!

Diese Anleitung gibt es nun auch auf Deutsch: Tannenzapfen basteln

Materials: for the head – old tights, cotton wool and  a little thread, wool for hair, acorn caps for beret, felt for wings, PVA glue

pinecone craft ideas

pinecone craft ideas

1) Make little heads – they look tricky, but they are not. And they have the benefit (over wooden beads), that you can easily glue them onto the pine cone with PVA glue (and they are light). Take two pieces of cotton wool and place them inside two layers or tights.

pinecone craft ideas

2) Wrap the tights round to form a ball. Secure with a little thread and trim.

pinecone craft ideas

3) Hair and hat: cut some strands of wool. Glue them over the nobbly bit of your hat with plenty of PVA (may be a little messy). Add lots of glue inside your acorn beret and squeeze on top of the “knobbly” end of your head to hide it all.

4) Take your pinecones and see which ones stand upright best. Bend down the top few “needles” (you may have to break them a little to create a platform for the head. Add lots of glue to the bottom of the head and squeeze on.

pinecone craft ideas

5) Decide on fairy wing shape – we made ours butterfly-esque. Glue pieces in place and then with a big dollop of PVA squeeze into your pinecone “needles”. If need be, push into place with a craft stick or a pair of scissors.

6) Done… thought whilst everything is drying, do check it every so often and make sure that head is still in the right position.

pinecone crafts

Get carried away and make more and more and more and PLAY!

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