Pipe Cleaner Snake Craft

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Let’s make make some adorable pipe cleaner snakes! This is such a cute snake craft for all those who love these wonderful creatures. The pipe celaner snakes can be used decoratively, as a fun little finger puppet snake, fun bookmarks or as a pencil topper/ pencil pal! So cute! You can also vary these by adding some perler beads to the body. A great fine motor skill activity for preschoolers.

cute pipecleaner snakes to make

Kids of all ages will love making these little snakes. They are easy to make, colourful and cute. Great for praticing dexterity in preschoolers and kids.

Supplies needed for your pipe cleaner snake

pipe cleaner snake supplies

Per snake you will need:

  • Two pipe cleaners in desired colours (our one thick multi coloured pipe cleaner)
  • Paper scraps/ pen (for eyes and tongue) OR googly eyes, pipe cleaner scraps or red felt scraps
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors for cutting out eyes and tongue

Extension ideas: you can making this into a beading activities and add some fun colourful beads to your snake’s body.

Lucky Year of the Snake Colours to consider:

If you are making these cute little snakes for the Year of the Snake 2025, then the snake’s lucky colours are black, red and yellow. I think a firey red snake is always great too. We have made a mix of snakes today.

How to make a snake with pipe cleaners

Prepare the pipe cleaner snake body

Take the two ends of the pipe cleaners and start twisting them together to give you the multi striped look of two colors. Of course, you can just make the snakes plain too and use just one pipecleaner. Totally fine!

pipe cleaner snake body ready

Once the pip cleaner is ready it is time to make the snake’s head.

Make the snake’s head

diy snake head

To make the head – take one end of the pipe cleaner and make a small M shape at one end of the pipe cleaner. So you have long line to make the left side of the M and a more regular sized lined to make the right side of the M.

shape the snake's head

Bring the right side of them close to the left and twist.

Squeeze the centre of them and include that i the twice.

Then position it in such a way that the on M loop is the top of the head. And the other M loop is the bottom of the jaw.

Add the snake’s eyes and tongue

cut the snake's features from paper

Cut out some paper eyes and a paper tongue (as mentioned, you could use googly eyes for this, but love the eco friendliness and “cheapness” of the paper eyes… as well as use red fabric scraps for the tongue).

glue on face

Glue in place.

snake crafts pipecleaners

Your little stripey snake is finished.

year of the snake craft

Aren’t they cut in different colours?

What to use your little snake for

  • Now either use it as a finger puppet.
  • Twist around pencil and admire!
  • They would also make lovely bag charms. I wouldn’t use them as key chains as key chains get pretty worn out quite quickly!
  • They would make cute snake bookmarks too

Extension ideas:

You can turn this into a bead snake craft – simply use one regular pipe cleaner and a handful of small beads. Perler Beads of different colors would be perfect for this and threade the beads onto the pipecleaner first. Make the snake’s head as above (but without any beads on it). Making beaded snakes is great for fine motor skills when working with younger kids.

A wee warning:

The cat likes them too….

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