Pipe Cleaner Craft Ideas


We love Easy Crafts for Kids and going back to basic craft materials that kids love to use! One such craft material is the humble Pipe Cleaner. There are lots of wonderful Pipe Cleaner Craft Ideas for this tactile and versatile material.

pipe cleaner craft ideas

Crafting with Pip Cleaners is a great activity for kids of all ages. They are bright and colourful. They are so easy to manipulate! They are tactile and OH SO versatile. So many things you can make all year around. There are pipe cleaner crafts you can wear. Pipe cleaner crafts to play with.. pipe cleaner crafts as decorations. So many great ideas. Let’s take a look!

Pipe Cleaner Craft Ideas for kids

Pipe cleaner people

Easy Pipe Cleaner People or Pipe Cleaner Elves. Love the quirky hair and hats!

Making Pipecleaner Flowers

Pipe Cleaners are the perfect flower stems for Mini Flower Gardens!

Or in Tissue Paper Flower Bouquets!

Pipe cleaner bunny
3min Bunnies!

These Pipe Cleaner Bunnies are so quick and easy to make! A great (less than) 5 Minute Craft!

Beaded Heart Ornaments for kids to make at Valentine's

Easy Beaded Pipe Cleaner Heart Oranments

Pipe cleaner pencil topper

Another simple 5 Minute Craft made with pipecleaners – Pipecleaner Heart Pencil toppers. So sweet and easy.

bubble wands

Making bubble wands from Pipe Cleaners is fun and easy! In can be a quick 5 minute craft or make lots and take your time. We also made a special set for New Year’s Eve Bubbles! And don’t forget to make a batch of this bubble recipe too! And can you make a Cubed Bubble Wand?

pipe cleaner puppet arms

Pipe Cleaners are really useful as part of other larger projects. Here, the pipe cleaners make great arms for this recycled tissue paper puppet!

We also made pipe cleaner arms for our TP Roll Monsters!

gumnut crafts

Pipe cleaners make the perfect Octopus Arms with these Pencil Toppers!

pom pom  spider

Conker Spider, Fabric Spiders and of course these cutest Pom Pom Spiders!

pipe cleaner snowflakes

Fun with Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

pipe cleaner trees

Easy Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments

pipe cleaner wreath

Easy Pipe Cleaner Wreaths, perfect fine motor activity for little ones!

pipe cleaner pixies

These Pipe Cleaner Pixies for the Christmas Tree are **coming soon**

And more pipecleaner ideas for kids from my friends around the web:

Blue Bear Wood has these gorgeous Pipe Cleaner flowers! Too cute.

 Or how about these whimsical dancing princesses? Also from the fabulous Blue Bear Wood!

Woo Jr. shares these adorable Pom Pom and Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets!

And Frugal Fun 4 Boys has a whole set of Pipe Cleaner Animals for you to check out!

OR.. even more Pipe Cleaner animals here!

Frugal Fun for Boys also has these rather adorable Pipe Cleaner Superheros (and Ninjas).

Who knew pipe cleaners would also be perfect for Maths projects!? Check out this Pipe Cleaner STEAM idea from Babble Dabble Do.

Love the simplicity of this Pipe Cleaner Snake over on Cindy De Rosier.

Make a simple Pipe Cleaner Sewing Needle tool with Rainy Day Mum.

Makre adorable Butterfly Rings with One Little Project. So cute!

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