Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments


Tra-la-laaaaa. The Christmas Tree Ornament Fun continues!! If like us you ADORE Homemade Ornaments as well as Christmas Tree Crafts, then hopefully you will be delighted by today’s Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments. A perfect Preschool Craft for Christmas.

Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments - super cute and simple craft stick and pipecleaner tree ornaments. The kids will love to make these and they are great for fine motor skills. We made these at the school fair and they went down a treat! #Christmas #Christmastree #preschool #pipecleaner #ornaments
First shared in Dec 2017 and updated and reoublished for your convenience!

Now I am sharing these with you today, we had a crafty session at our School Christmas Fair this weekend just gone. One of the mums organised all the crafts (and ahem, they included some of our Christmas Paper Puppets.. yay!).  I loved the Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments she organised, as well some fabulous Craft Stick Christmas Trees. Both would look nice a DIY Ornaments, but also would look great attached to a Christmas card don’t you think? Her kids did a fabuluos job of making LOTS of these for the display tree.. so the other children could see what and how to make them.. and I thought it would be nice to share with you today.

I did a quick search online to see where the inspiration had come from.. and I am pretty certain that we made these Craft Stick Trees – we used stickers and pipecleaners.. and I think we used Early Learning At Home’s Pipecleaner video (you can see it in full below).. though my friend at Blue Bear Wood, as super cute similar Pipecleaner Christams Trees too (with Hama beads, great adidtion).

And didn’t my friend’s children do an amazing job with both their Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments AND their Craft Stick Christmas Trees?

And I am rather in love with how they turned our Christmas Paper Puppets into a garland of Santas, Elves and Reindeers!! Just the cutest thing ever!!

Pipecleaner Christmas Trees – Materials

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  • Per tree 2-3 pipecleaners (US/ UK – be sure to select the green option)
  • one craft stick (in whatever colour US/ UK)
  • Pony Beads (US/ UK, though I like the use of Hama Beads as oer Blue Bear Wood too)
  • Bakers Twine for hanging (US/ UK)
  • (Glue optional)

How to make a Pipecleaner Christmas Tree

You can either follow Early Learning at Home’s video OR follow the step by step instructions below. If you follow the video.. remember to add a knotted loop of baker’s twine to your first Pipecleaner, in order to secure the “hanging loop”.

DIY Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornament step by step instructions

Cut a piece of Baker’s Twine and knot, for hanging.

Insert the pipecleaner through the bakers twine and wrap around the top of your Craft stick. You want the pipecleaner to stick aout about 1-2 cm from the side. Trim the other side.

Then start then second branch. Make this one a little bigger and again, wrap around the craft stick and trim the other side.

Repeat until you have 4- 5 Tree Branches getting bigger each step.

Once done, you can start adding your pony beads!!

Your basic Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornament is now finished.

I decided to add a “line of glue” to the back and let it dry overnight, in order to secure the tree and preserve for long term! But it isn’t strictly speaking necessary!!

Aren’t they adorable?

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