PomPom Penguin Paper Plate Wreath Craft for Kids

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When school asked for donations of wool, so they could make Pom Pom Wreaths with KS1 (5-7yrs olds), I thought – oh no.. that is a LOT of wool you will need.

So, I thought I could come up with a simpler PomPom wreath idea – this easy PomPom Penguin Paper Wreath! A lovely craft for kids that works either as a DIY ChristmasWreath for Kids or throughout Winter. We love easy Winter Crafts for Kids.

Yarn Paper Plate Wreath for Christmas and Winter
Easy Paper Plate Wreath decorated with adorable Pom Pom Penguins for Christmas & Winter> First shared in Dec 2019

Pom Pom Penguin Wreath for Kids – Materials

  • Paper Plate per wreath
  • White, black and blue yarn/ wool (if you have some with sparkles even better)
  • Stickers, beads, sequence (optional for adding to the wreath)
  • Pom Pom maker – learn how to use a pom pom maker here, or make your own Cardboard Pom Pom Maker and also use the Fork Pom Pom Method for the smaller white pom poms.
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon for hanging (though wool/ yarn fine)
  • Embellishments for penguin – googly eyes, orange felt, pipe cleaner and mini pom poms (you can leave the last bit out)
  • Glue or hot glue gun

How to make your DIY Christmas Wreath for Kids

You can either make your pom poms first or work on the yarn wrapped wreath!

Making a simple yarn wreath with paper plates

Making a paper plate wreath with yarn for WInter
Yarn Paper Plate Wreaths are so easy and fun to make

Begin by cutting out the centre of your paper plate – keep it, as you will use a little bit of the carboard later on for the Penguin to “sit on”.

DIY Yarn Wreath from Paper Plates - so easy to make
Yarn Wrapped Wreaths are get for fine motor skills

Choose your wool in the desired colour.. tie it to the paper plate wreath. Make sure the knot is at the “back” of the paper plate. Start wrapping.

If you are short on time.. you can use two strands of wool at once, but personally, I like using them separately.

Yarn wrapped paper plate wreath for kids to make at Christmas
Use as many coloured strans of Yarn for your Paper Plate Wreath as you wish

Keep wrapping round and round. If you need to switch colours or add more yarn, simply knot pieces of wool together. Just make sure the wool is towards the back. Try and wrap the wreath as evenly as you can.

Once finished, knot off on the back.

Easy Paper Plate Wreath for Kids this Winter
Make your wreath extra festive with Christmas Confetti

Now if you wish you can decorate with seasonal stickers or sequence. We had some stars and snowflakes that I thought would look nice! But anything goes. You can even get some beads. Thread them to some yarn and attach them individually by tying it to the wreath (again, pushing the knot to the back).

Attaching a ribbon to your yarn wreath
Use a ribbon or extra yarn to hang your Pom Pom Wreath

I knotted a white ribbon to the back for hanging. But you can also staple it in place or glue it in place with a hot glue gun (even sellotaping would work.. but maybe do this before you start wrapping!).

Next make your Pom Pom Penguins

pom pom penguin how to guide

I made the pom pom penguins on Red Ted Art before! Hop over to this Pom Pom Penguin How To! You can make these using pom pom makers or the Cardboard Pom Pom Maker method.

Make some Fork Pom Pom snowballs

Then come back and make two more smaller white pom poms (if you don’t have a pom pom maker, than the pom pom fork method is a great one for this smaller size). Leave some LONGish threads attached to your pompom, so you can hang it from your wreath.

Bringing your Penguin Paper Plate Wreath together

Now it is time to bring all your bits and pieces together!!! So excited.

Attaching Pom Poms to your Pom Pom Wreath for kids
It is super easy to connect your Snowball pom poms to the wreath

I tied the two white snowball pom poms together and used the “tangly bits” left to tried them onto the bottom half of the yarn wreath. Make sure it is aligned with your hanging ribbon.

Pom Pom Penguin Wreath for kids
Make a little perch for your Pom Pom Penguin

Next. Make a little “platform” from your left over paper plate card – this is a quick and easy way to glue your penguin to the paper plate wreath.

Pompom Wreath for Christmas with Penguin
Easy Assembly of your pom pom Penguin wreath!

Glue the long bit of your prop to the back of Christmas Wreath. Fold over the top and glue the penguin on. With this method, you can use PVA glue (let it dry before gluing the penguin on) OR a hot glue gun.

Penguin Pom Pom Wreath made with Paper Plates
DIY Christmas Wreath to make from paper plates and yarn

If you don’t want to make the little “base” you can glue the penguin on with a hot glue gun…. but I find the seat really helpful (plus you can take the penguin off again at a later date, should you feel like it!).

Ta-daaaaa. Happy Christmas Crafting/ Happy Winter Crafting.

Hope you are inspired to have a go at our Pom Pom Penguin Paper Plate Wreath for the holidays!

Wouldn’t this look amazing as an adorable Sheep Paper Plate Wreath? I think I will be checking out my Sheep & Lamb Crafts to see what we can use!

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