How to Make Fork Pom Poms

It has been a while now since we made these super cute and simple little Fork Pom Poms. We LOVE pom poms in our house  (we have so many Pom Pom Crafts & Ideas for you) and I love trying out different ways to make them and seeing which way is easiest for the kids (see our full list how to make a pom pom techniques here). I confess for KIDS a pom pom maker really is great, though a rectangular piece of card also works… as do the traditional cardboard circles. Today, I want to share with you the fork pom pom making method – you can actually use your fingers to do this method too. So these can be easily made any time, any place!

How To Make a PomPom using a Fork


There are lots of ways to make pom poms… you can

* use a pom pom maker – I confess, that we love these for the kids as it makes them pretty self sufficient, I usually only help with the knot at the end

* you can use rectangular pieces of card – easier to wrap, but a little trickier to knot

* you can use the traditional “circular card” pom pom making method – easier to knot, harder to wrap

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Watch the Pom Pom Fork Video below or check out the step by step photos!

How to Make Fork Pom Poms:

How To Make PomPoms Using a Fork

To make your fork pom poms… all you need is a fork (really?!), some wool (you never!) and a pair of scissors.

Make a PomPom using a Fork

Cut a piece of string and place along your fork – I added some bakers twin 1) so you can see it better and 2) because the wool I used is very soft and when tying a knot breaks easily. This will be the piece you use to knot your fork pom pom securely!
Fork Pompoms

Wrap your wool thickly around your fork to make a nice and fluffy pom pom. Take care to leave your tidying piece (ie. the bakers twine free)

Fork Pompom how to

Now tie your bakers twine as tightly as possible to create a secure fork pom pom.

Fork Pom Pom How To

Cut along the OPPOSITE side of your knot.

PomPom Fork How To

Doesn’t look THAT fork pom pom like yet, right? Well, I tied a second knot “just in case” and then….

Fork Pompoms - how to

…fluffed it all up and already it is looking much more pom pom like. Phew.

How To Make a PomPom Using a Fork

Then use your sisters to trim and even out your fork pom pom and ….

How To Make a Pompom with a fork

..done! You know how one LOOOOVELY little pom pom.

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