Easy Handmade Pop Up Beak Owl Cards for Kids

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We ADORE making Handmade Pop Up Cards for Kids. Pop Up cards are actually very easy to make, so long as you pick the right pop up card technique and project! And of course we have lots these for you! Today, we add to our 3d Animal Card collection, with these adorable Pop Up Beak Owl Cards. As they come with quirky Owl Pun speach bubbles, you can make them for any occasion – be it a Christmas Owl Card, a Halloween Owl or just for Birthdays…

3d Owl Cards for all seasons

This card is also available as a convenient Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page!

Why make a handmade card?

Well, homemade cards are always so much more special! They allow you to personalise the colours and text to suit your and the recipients needs. The recipient will appreciate the time spent on making a special card too.. and on many occassions these cards are also wonderful keepsakes (especially if making a card for mum, dad or grandparents!!).

Owl cards

A handmade greeting card, is also great for nurturing and developing children’s art and crafts abilities. Perfecting scissor handling skills and co-ordination. I always feel like these type of 3d Owl Cards are like “drawing” with paper cut outs… so fun. And you can keep cutting until you get teh shapes just right!

Of course if you are short on time.. and need an owl card in a hurry, why not try these? (Affiliate links)

To make your Handmade Pop Up Owl Cards you will need:

  • Card stock (I used A5 to make an A6 card)
  • Paper in desired colours
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Any embellishments (e.g. snowflake confetti)
  • Speech bubbles (see printable) – but you can draw your own

This is a 4 page printable – 2 page worksheet, printable template, as well as a set of speech bubbles and is available in my teachers pay teachers store. It is however possible to make this craft without this printable by following the instructions below!

Fun Owl Puns for Owl Card Making for any Occassion:

  • Have a Hoot! or What a Hoot!
  • Have an Owl-some Birthday
  • Happy Owl-een
  • Hope your Birthday is a Hoot
  • I will OWL-ways love you!
  • Owl miss you!

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How to make a Pop Up Beak Owl Cards:

Follow the video tutorial or the step by step photo instructions below!

Begin by creating your basic owl shape with a 3d beak

Cutting your 3d paper owl

If you find it easier, you can grab a copy of my worksheet and templates over in my teachers pay teachers store. Use your card stock as a guide for how big your owl should be. Then sketch your owl out onto the “main” owl colour paper. The owl is roughly oval with two “ears” and should be a little “shorter” than the cardstock is high. It can be wider though if you wish.

Cut out your owl. Check that it fits nicely into your cardstock. Leave space for a branch to sit on and a Santa Hat if you want to customise the owl card for Christmas!

Fold the owl in half.

Make a 1-2 cm cut about 1/3 down from the head.

Fold down the flaps (see images). Youl will see that the flaps align nicely with each other to make a straight line – like part of a square or rectangle.

Making the beak pop up

Fold the flaps in the other direction and then forward again – to make a super neat crease. This will help when making the beak poke out later.

Now fold the owl again – so the pencil drawings are on the outside. And push the “beak parts” inside. You now have your basic pop up beak owl.

Making the pop up beak owl cards in yellow/ orange detail

yellow pop up beak

This is probably the fiddliest bit of your pop up owl! But don’t worry, you can do it!

Fold you yellow beak paper in half. And “Insert” it into the fold of the beak.

Draw a line to mark how big it needs to be. Cut.

Open up the triangle you just cut and check against the pop up beak to see if it fits. Trim a little if need be.

Repeat for the bottom half of the beak.

Glue your triangles in place.

You have now completed the “hardest” part of your handmade owl card! Time to have fun with decorating!

Decorating your 3d Owl Card for special occasions

owl parts

Now it is time to have fun with colours and decorations. Of course, you first need to add the owl’s features.. I cut out:

  • two eye balls
  • two eye surrounding parts
  • two wings (like leaves)
  • two feet (like little hearts trimmed)
  • a branch
  • a santa’s hat (for the Christmas version)
  • speech bubbles (we have a set of printable bubbles here)
decorating the owl

Glue the eye parts together and with a pen add details – it can be an open eye, a shut eye, a happy eye.. have fun with different positions and details!

Add details to your wings! You can look at our Owl Tin Can decorations for more doodling inspiration.

Once you have added your details, assemble your owl “parts” and finish of your owls.. glue on the feet, santa hat (if applicable), eyes and wings. Add any doodle finishes to the Owl’s tummy.

Time to glue your 3d Owl into your card

Finishing off the pop up card

Check the positioning of the owl in the card and glue down your tree branch (and any leaves if you wish to add leaves).

Fold the owl in half so all features are on the inside.

Add glue to the left of the owl and postioning in the card – making sure the fold aligns with the centre of the card.

Add glue to the right and side of the owl. Close the card carefully and open up again. The pop up beak should now work!

FINALLY, add any finishing details, such as snowflake confetti at Christmas and speach bubblers personalised to the occasion – such a Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas!


Pop up christmas owl card

This is your Pop Up Christmas Owl Card

Pop up halloween owl card

This would be a great Pop Up Halloween Cards

Pop up beak owl cards

This make a great Birthday Owl Card

Aren’t they cute? Hope you have lots of fun with different colours and details! Enjoy.

Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page

This card is also available as a convenient Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page!

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