Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page

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Ah you know we love our Homemade Pop Up Cards, don’t you?! And literally have a pop up card for almost any occassion… be it 3d Christmas Cards to Birthday Pop Up cards. All my cards share step by step instructions of creating your own cards from scratch, many have handy templates too.. today, we have special Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page. This is the easiest of all my pop up cards.. for quick and easy handmade card making fun!

Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page

Who is this Owl Pop Up Card for?

This Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page compliments our previously shared Pop Up Owl cards. The previous Owl cards, require more time, materials and a little more confidence. They are great for slightly older kids. Or you can make the other owl cards with younger kids, so long as you help them along the way.

This printable owl coloring page, was design for:

  • Younger children, who love to colour
  • Old children, where there is less time or e.g. in a classroom setting where there is less adult support or supervision
  • These are also great for any crafty zoom classes

Please note: sadly, I have not been able to make these Pop Up Owl card coloring pages free – mainly because I work with a designer who creates them for me and I have to pay her! But they cost less than a cup of coffee! So hopefully it is like buying me a coffee on a chilly winter’s day.

Materials to make a 3d Owl Card Coloring Pages

  • Printer paper
  • Printer
  • Pens/ watercolors/ pencils/ crayons
  • Scissors
  • Optional: glue if using the printable speach bubbles

The printable is available in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store! The funds raised through sales on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s go towards the upkeep of this free website! If you wish to make this card WITHOUT a purchase, check out the step by step instructions for the “owl pop up card” here. The card is equally lovely, just a little more involved!

How to make your Pop Up Owl Coloring Page

The process for these coloring page cards is super simple! I have included a printable one page worksheet in the download! Make it it a really easy and great “take away product”. It can easily be added to Fall or Christmas Crafting activity packs.

Please note: this printable is not for resale. But I am happy for people to buy and distribute for free, if it is part of something like a Library Activity session.

Owl Card Puns

I love that the front of the card is easily customisable. Use these printable owl cards for Birthday, Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas and beyond!

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