How to make Pop Up Cards with Animals


If you know Red Ted Art, you will know that we love EASY Pop Up Card Projects for kids! Not only do we love creating easy 3d Card Designs for you, but we love exploring lots of different TYPES Of pop up cards. There are so many ways you can make EASY pop up cards.. you will love them all. Today, we focus on how to make pop up cards with animals!

Animal Pop Up Cards

3d Animal Pop Up Cards are perfect for birthdays, for “just because” cards or combine them with a great pun and turn them into Valentine’s Day Animal Pop Up Cards. Lots of opportunities for you to make and send cards!

3d Animal Pop Up Cards for Kids

All our pop up cards share step by step instructions to help you learn how to make you very own pop up card templates. Some however, ALSO have the templates included. So, do have a good browse and find the perfect pop up card for you! These make great pop up birthday cards for friends and family!

The video tutorial playing gives you an overview of our five favourite makes!

Pop Up Lion Card

First up, I have a super duper special card and announcement – I made this card for a special Best Makes Ever! series for Sky Kids UK! If you want to find out how to make this lovely 3d paper lion, head over to Sky Kids and check out the whole series! There are a total of 20 Art and Crafts Projects, created by Arty Crafty Kids and Red Ted Art, just for you. Enjoy!

Front of rudolph card

Similarly, learn how to make this adorable Rudolph Pop Up card – I particularly love the little button baubles. The pop up reindeer is made up of basic shapes, making this an easy craft to have a go at!

Easy Pop Up Bear Heart Card for Kids to make on Valentines, printable worksheets available!

Follow our easy to follow step by step instructions to make this Hug a Cat Pop Up Cards! So cute! We love sending 3d Paper Hearts in the post this way. So cute and easy to make!

Easy Pop Up Bear Heart Card for Kids to make on Valentines, printable worksheets available!

You can also turn the same steps into a Hug a Bear Card – though this also comes with a downloadable template and worksheets! Once you have learnt the basic technique of both the bear and the cat.. what other cute “hugs” can you send? So fun.. so sweet. Bound to put a smile on someone’s face! Nothing quite like a personalised handmade card for Valentine’s or Birthdays!

Pop Up Easter Chick Cards

Super easy Pop Up Chick Cards – use circles, triangles and hearts to make these cuties! I love hwo when you put these basic shapes all together, you end up with such a cheerful homemade 3d card. Such a simple process with adorable results. Do you know someone special to send this too?

Another popular animal pop up card here in Red Ted Art, are these Pop Up Cat Cards – these come with a template too! Or follow the steps to create your own! Let me know if you would like me to make more 3d cards in this style!! I can look into more templates for you too!

panda pop up card

Learn how to make an easy 3d Panda Pop Up Card – this one was made for my 9yrs old’s birthday! My daughter loved it! And it was so quick and easy t make (I may have had to make it on the eve on her birthday!!). Nothing quite like a personalised birthday card that is handmade too!

pop up birthday card bear

This Pop Up Bear Card is simply perfect for Birthdays. Love the hole punch confetti. So fun!

Easy Pop Up Cow Card with fun cow puns

My son loves cows! So for HIS birthday, we need a quirky cow card. Here is a fun pop up card making process. Enjoy this 3d Pop Up Cow Card! Another winner with my son! Handmade cards really are the best!

Make your own Unicorn Templates or use the templates I created.. either way, these Unicorn Pop Up Cards are adorable – and of course – easy to make! This 3d Paper Unicorns are also lovely as little “paper baubles” for the Christmas tree.

Owl cards

How to make a pop up beak Owl Card – a super cute Pop Up Card for all occassions – customise this handmade card for Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and beyond.. what a hoot!

Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page

This card is also available as a convenient Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page!

Valentines Penguin Card

Similarly, we have some adorable Pop Up Penguin Cards – these work nicely for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day! And of course any Winter Birthday Cards too!

Reindeer pop up

If you love this style, you will also like our printable Reindeer Pop Up Cards! Like the unicorns, you can turn this Reindeer Printable into a Christmas Tree decoration too.

Merry Christmas Card with Ted

Printable Ted Merry Christmas Card – as super fun and simple card to make and give. Choose from the coloring pages version or the full colour one that just needs cutting and sticking! LOVE! Needless to say.. of you love Red Ted Art.. these Printable Christmas Cards would go VERY well with our Easy Paper Projects book, add some coloured paper, pens and a glue stick and you have a great crafty gift right there!

And we also have some super duper cute BUGS & INSECT Pop UP Cards:

Do insects count as animals? I can never quite decide.. they are an animal.. surely, as they are alive right? Anyway, whether you think they belong here or not, I have some cute 3d Insect Cards to share with you! From butterflies to cute spiders at Halloween.

butterfly pop up card

Love this technique of making 3d Butterfly Pop Up Cards.. once you have the knack.. your imaginatiin is the limit to more fabulous pop up card designs!

Easy Pop Up Tiger Card

More PURRRFECT fun with these adorable Tiger Pop Up Cards! They come in two designs – Valentine’s Day and “any occassion”.

3d Paper Bee Card

This is another “two for one” Pop Up Card idea. We have some sweet Ladybug Pop Up Cards, as well as some Buzzy Bee Pop Up Cards. So cute! (and easy!!). As with many of our crafts both these 3d paper bugs are made mainly using basic shapes – in this case circles. So all you need really, to get you started, is something round (a cup, a tin can) to trace.. and off you go..

Halloween Pop up cards

The instructions for this set of Halloween Pop Up Cards, focus on the little pop up ghost, however, I talk you trough the process of the spider pop up card too! Again, do let me know if you want to see detailed video for the spider, but I think the ghost one, should be enough!

Simple Birthday Cards to make quickly

We do also have a set of lovely QUICK & EASY birthday cards to make (that don’t pop, but are still so cute):

walrus print cards

Potato Print Walrus Cards. How cute are these? And you can add finger print features!

Fun with photos and googly eyes.. turn your pets into quick and easy greeting cards, with this simple make.. don’t have a pet? Or not great at taking the “right” photo.. don’t

See all our 3d Pop Up Card Projects (many with free Card Templates):

Easy Pop Up Card Projects for Kids - learn the basic techniques and design your own!
Animal Pop Up Cards