Easy Pop Up Bear Card for Valentine’s Day

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We do love an easy DIY Pop Up Card Project! Today, I would like to share our easy Pop Up Bear Card for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or as a Pop Up Birthday Card! Easy to customise to suit all occassions and with some fun Bear Puns too!

As with the majority of my crafts, I will guide you through the step by step process to make your very own Pop Up Bear card from scratch. There are both Photo Instructions AND video instructions available, depending on which you prefer to follow.

There is also an option to use the Bear Card Templates – one templates with two options – e.g. making a plain bear or a heart bear. So you can go as “loved up” or as “toned” down as you like. I love handmade cards, as you can really personalise them as you wish!

Please note: the template is for the main bear only. If you wish to add one to the outside of the card, you will need to follow the steps and make another second, smaller bear. This is to encourage the children to apply what they have learnt! Speech bubbles are included in the template!

The printable template is designed to fit a “larger” card – so not you standard envelope card. You can reduce the print size if you wish to use it for to post! Or follow the instructions below and make your own size!

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To make a Pop Up Bear Card you will need:

  • Card stock (I used A4 folded in half)
  • Paper in the desired bear colours (you can make your bear any colour you wish, it really doesn’t need to be brown or beige!)
  • Black pen
  • Pencil (if making your own shapes)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: heart hole punch (I hand cut our hearts) or other decorative confetti. You coul dgive you bear a balloon to hold and add lots of confetti?

As mentioned printable worksheet instructions, bear template (for the large bear, both plain and with hearts) and speech bubbles are available for those who need this in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store. The fee goes towards the upkeep of this site! You do not need the printable to make this card, but it may help in group settings.

How to make a Pop Bear Card for Birthdays/ Valentine’s

Do watch the auto play video showing how to make these cards, or follow the step by step instructions below!

This is a great Pop Up Card “Process” – once you have learnt the basic technique, you can apply it to any design you wish. In fact, you may have spotted it already, with our popular Reindeer Pop Up Cards?!

Begin by folding your card stock in half.

Making your paper bear body parts

Take your main bear body coloured paper and using the folded card as a guide, sketch out an oval for the head. This oval should fit nicely onto the front of the card. Cut out.

Open the card and check that you like the size of the head. Then using the open card and the head as a guide, sketch out a body – it is like a “closed” upside U. Cut out.

Time to cut out the rest of your bear features. You will need:

  • Two ears (small, closed, upside down Us)
  • Two inner ears (these can be heart shaped or again, smaller, closed, upside down Us)
  • A bear tummy (these can be heart shaped or again, a smaller, closed, upside down U)
  • A mouth piece (this is an oval, in a similar shape to the head but smaller)
  • You can also cut out lots of extra hearts to decorate the background! Or hole punch some confetti!
  • Small circles for rosy cheeks (optional)

Assembling your bear shapes

Take all your cut out pieces and arrange them on the opened card, to check that they all fit. Trim or cut new one parts if needed.

Glue your bear’s body to the bottom centre of the card and fold. Add the heart/ tummy to it.

Assemble the head – glue the ears together and to the back of the head. Glue the mouth piece in place.

With a black pen add additional features such as the bear’s nose, mouth and eyes. Add “rosy” cheeks with paper if you wish.

Making your Bear head “pop”

Once your paper bear head is finished (and the pen dry, you don’t want to accidentally smudge it). Fold it in half – so that the right side is on the outside.

Now fold up one side – making a tab approximately an inch wide.

Flip over. Fold up the other side.

You should have a type of W.

Add a little glue to one flap of the W and glue in place.

Flatten the head down. Add glue the flap on the other side and glue in place.

You paper bear face shoul dnow “Pop” when you open and close the card!

You have now made your basic bear card (the templates provided are for this section only).

Finishing touches to your pop up bear card

You may wish to add hearts, confetti, balloons, speech bubbles etc.

To make the “small bear” on the front of the card – make the complete bear head again as above – but smaller.

Add glue to the back of the small bear head and glue to the front of card – overhanging the edges.

Flip the card over.

Cut of the overlaps.

Glue speech bubbles in place. Finished!

What do you think? Will you give this cute bear a go? What will it be? Will it be Beary Valentine’s?

Or will it be A Beary Happy Birthday Card? Or will your background be completely different? Maybe a bear in the woods? Or maybe yours will be a polar bear…? The choice is yours!

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