Pop Up Christmas Owl Card

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Let’s make a Pop Up Christmas Owl Card! We love making pop up cards with kids! There are so many wonderful pop up card making techniques that are EASY and fun for kids to do. Once they learn the basics, they can then go on to create their own designs. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I wanted to highlight our Pop Up Christmas Owl Cards again.

I have shared these before.. but I have so many crafts here on the site, I wanted to make sure that you hadn’t missed these. This is part of our collection of 3d Christmas Cards that you may like to see too!

Pop Up Christmas Owl Card

Aren’t they cute? As you can see, they come from a “basic set” of pop up owl cards, pop on a Santa Hat, some confetti snowflakes and a Christmas Message and you are all set with your new 3d Christmas Card! So cute and fun!

Materials needed for your Pop Up Christmas Owl Card:

Christmas cards
  • Card stock (I used A5 to make an A6 card in dark blue)
  • Paper in desired colours (I decided to my owl light blue with ocre wings)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Any embellishments (e.g. in this case snowflake confetti – but you can add white paint fingerprints for snow)
  • Christmas speech bubbles (see printable) – but you can draw your own

As with all our crafts – do work with what you have to hand. If you don’t have the coloured paper that we have or you don’t have things like the snowflake confetti, do not be put off! Customise your 3d Christmas Cards to suit what YOU have at home and to suit your tastes! That is what makes homemade cards so fun to make and special to receive – each one is unique! And no two cards are exactly the same. You can even make this Christmas Owl using just plain whit printer paper and coloured pens (in fact, that would make adding the pop up beak in yellow, super easy too!).

There is nothing quite like a Handmade Christmas Card from kids. Love them!

Pop up christmas owl card

How to make a Pop Up Christmas Card Owl:

You can watch the video tutorial on auto play.. or you can…

…see the full step by step instructions (with photos) for making this Christmas Owl Card over on our general Pop Up Beak Owl cards. Including your speach bubble printables.

What do you think?

Will you be making them? Do watch this space, I will try and some printable Christmas Owl Colouring Cards in the future! Working on that now!

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