DIY Walnut Fox Ornament for Christmas

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It has been a while since we last made a Walnut Craft. I have always loved crafting with walnuts in Autumn and Christmas – they are such a seasonal item and I love the tactileness of them. They look lovely on the Christmas Tree too. Today’s Walnut Ornament, is a DIY Walnut Fox Ornament for Christmas. DIY Fox Crafts are so cute!

How to make Walnut Fox Ornaments

Our favourite Walnut Craft of all time has to be the Walnut Babies – a traditional craft from my childhood. But we also made some Walnut Reindeer, which are super popular, and I love.. but I am digressing.. onto our latest Walnut Christmas Ornament and these cute DIY Walnut Fox Ornaments. Woohoo.

Fox Walnut Ornaments – Materials:

  • Walnuts
  • Ribbon/ baker’s twine
  • A little felt for the ears
  • A little white & black acyrlic paint
  • A knife (adults only please)
  • Strong glue

How to make a Walnut Ornament!

You can watch the handy video tutorial or my step by step instructions!

Step by Step Photo Instructions to make your Christmas Ornaments

The key to this craft, is to actually split your walnut first. I do this for two reasons – one, you get to eat the nuts (always a bonus and makes it very seasonal!!) and two, you can then glue your ornament’s features inside the walnut. In this case, we have the fox’s felt ears and also the baker’s twine to glue inside.

How to split a walnut

How to crack a walnut

Walnuts are actually much easier to split neatly than you think. It doesn’t always work 100% but you can still use a “broken” walnut in this craft, as ultimately you are gluing it back together again. But 9 out of 10 times this walnut splitting method works perfectly for me.

Take something sharp (a small kitchen knife is perfect).

Insert it, into the base of the walnut and carefully press down. ADULTS ONLY

You may need to wiggle the knife a little too and fro to help start splitting the walnut in half.

Don’t rush it or force it. Usually I get 2 perfect halves! Occassionally, there is small lip, but as mentioned, because you glue it all back again later, it doesn’t matter.

Scrap out the inside and nibble!

TOP TIP: if making more than one walnut foxes in one go (which I hope you will be), be sure to keep matching walnut halves together and don’t let them get all mixed up!

Decorating your walnut as a Fox Ornament

How to make walnut ornaments

Cut two felt triangles for walnut ears.

Cut some bakers twine for hanging (fold in half and make a small knot).

Add glue to the rim of one wallnut half.

Position the ears and the bakers twine. For the foxes, you want the hanging thread and ears to be at the flat end of your walnut.

Add a little more glue to the second walnut half.

Press together. The glue will ooze out, just carefully smooth/ wipe it down.

Let dry.

Painting your walnut into a Fox Ornament

Once dry, add some white markings to your fox.

Let dry again.

Finally, add a black nose, eyes and black details to your fox’s ears with acrylic paint.

I love how each Walnut Fox has it’s own unique character!

Your DIY Walnut Fox Ornament is finished!

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