Christmas Handprint Crafts – Popsicle Stick Angel Craft for Preschool

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This is a lovely Christmas Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers that combines two favourite (actually THREE favourite) themes – handprint crafts, popsicle stick crafts AND ANGELS! I mean.. what is not to love about a super duper cute Handprint Angel Craft made with popsicle sticks?! Right?

handprint angel craft for toddlers
Such a cute holiday decoration to make with the kids!

I think all handprint crafts make wonderful keepsakes. It is frightening how quickly our little ones grow up and how their once precious little hands outgrow our own. I confess – I wish I made MORE handprint crafts with my kiddos when they were little! So today, I thought a lovely handprint Christmas craft would be inorder. And has we have been working through our collection of summer ice lolly sticks (washed and dried of course) this autumn/ winter season, I thought a couple of Christmas popsicle stick crafts would be perfect too!

The great thing about these cute Christmas angels, is that you need no angel template to make them.. we only use some basic shapes and simple tricks to make the whole angel!

You may also love our popsicle stick reindeers or our Craft Stick Star Ornaments (incl Nativity Star Ornaments) and of course the handprint gnomes too!

Supplies needed for this popsicle stick angel

The craft supplies look long – but they are actually very basic supplies!

  • A tracing of your kiddo’s little handprints / hands
  • Patterned paper for your Angel Dress (though white paper or plain blue, yellow, pink, great colours too!)
  • White paper or white cardstock for the wings
  • 3 craft sticks per angel
  • Paper scraps in desired skin tones and hair color (plus a little pink for the rosy cheeksy) – I think it is fun to match skin and hair color to your child!
  • A black marker pen
  • A pencil for tracing hands
  • A pair of scissors
  • A good quality glue stick (no need for PVA or school glue)
  • Optional: gold pipe cleaner
  • OPTIONAL: ribbon for hanging

As you can see this is a really simple supplies list, that really only needs paper and your recycled popsicle sticks!

EXTENSION IDEA: wouldn’t this cute paper angel look adorable with a picture of your child’s face instead of the paper angel’s face? If you do this, please do send me a photo of your creation. I reckon that would be SO CUTE!

How to make your craft stick angel with handprint wings!

A video tutorial also on auto play for you! Perfect video watching this holiday season!

Making handprint angels really is easy! Small hands make PERFECT angel wings, don’t you think. If you are working with older kids (i.e. bigger hands), you can still make this craft, simply make your triangle dress bigger and omit the craft sticks or use jumbo craft sticks instead! But we love using craft sticks as it gives the angle a nice sturdy structure.. and it is a great way to explore shapes (aka triangles)!

Making handprint angel wings

christmas handprint

Begin by tracing one of your children’s hands (you can trace both.. but one is enough). Fold your paper in half and cut out two hands at the same time. If you are using hand PRINTS, you do need to use both hands, as you want to have the wings that mirror each other. If printing, let your paint dry fully and cut out the wings.

If you wanted to you could add glitter at this stage too! But I think they work really well plain!

Make the angel head and hair the craft stick angel

angel head

Your craft stick angel now needs a head and hair. Again, this are very basic shapes! You will need one circle and one LONG thin rectangle. Place the circle on the strip of paper. Fold done one side. Fold down the other side. Now flip over the hair paper and cut strip into hair strands and fringe. You can leave it as one block two, your choice!

Glue paper circle into the hair to make the angelse head! Draw the face with a black marker pen. And add your rosy cheeks (we love ours nice and big!).

angel head and wings

The angel head and wings are finished!

Making your craft stick angel’s dress – triangles!

glue the popsicle stick

So we have already cut a circle and a long thing rectangle… now it is time to make a triangle with the popsicle sticks.

This is super easy! Add glue to one side of your popsicle sticks and glue to the bottom of your paper. Leave a little space at the end.

Align your other two popsicle sticks to make a triangle. And take each one in turn and glue in place.

cut out the triangle

Now cut out your triangle!

Assembly of your toddler angel craft!

glue the head in place

Last steps now to finish of your angel craft for preschoolers. You need to glue the head to the top of the angel’s dress.

angel wings
Isn’t this a sweet angel’s face? So simple to make too!

Now glue the angel wings to the back!

I almost forgot! This little keepsake angel needs a halo! We used a golden pipecleaner for this – and yes, a good portion of glue stick glue is enough to secure it! If you don’t have any gold pipecleaners, you can cut out a paper halo instead!

finished popsicle stick angels
These would make cute tree ornaments

Aren’t they cute? I think this makes a great grandparent angel craft – to either MAKE with your grandparents or FOR your grandparents.. I know OUR grandparents used to LOVE all the handprint crafts my kids made. They would look gorgeous as a Christmas Tree decoration, on the fridge in pride and place, or if there are more grandkids, you could maybe even make a little keepsake angel garland? How cute would that be?!

If you are looking for more gorgeous ideas to make with your toddler and preschooler this Christmas, do check out our collection of Handprint Christmas Crafts (including some cheeky footprints too), as well as our Preschool Christmas Craft Ideas – so many fantasic Christmas activities! So much fun to be had!

keepsake angel handprints
Adorable Christmas Angel Ornament or Holiday Decoration!

More popsicle stick christmas crafts coming soon! In the meantime, have fun making these handprint angels Christmas crafts!