Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

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Summer is coming to an end.. we find ourselves with a (ahem) big pile of popsicle sticks that we have washed, dried and kept during the summer months. As harvest season draws nearer and with autumn crafts in mind, I thought it would be fun to make super duper cute and easy Popsicle Stick Scarecrow! Scarecrow crafts are just the cutest and this one only needs your popsicle sticks, some paper and glue (and some optional extras)! Nice and easy and OH SO CUTE!!! I love

adorable scarecrow made from popsicle sticks

We love love love all things Scarecrow. I don’t know what it is about them, but there are just too cute. And you can have lots of fun with exploring different colors and discussing shapes. This makes it a great scarecrow craft for preschoolers. But it is so cute, that I think older kids in elementary school or KS1 in primary school would still love to make these!

Move over wooden spoon scarecrow! It is time for our popsicle scarecrow diy!!

Scarecrows make great fall craft for kids – especially for Harvest Festivals, but I think you can make them right through to Thanksgiving!

Another popular scarecrow on our blog is this adorable scarecrow craft made from toilet paper rolls, do check it out too!

toilet roll scarecrow

Supplies needed to make a popsicle stick scarecrow craft

The craft stick scarecrows I have made today, are very simple, you can in fact make them using JUST paper and recycled popsicle sticks – for ease of supplies! I have used buttons and googly eyes too, but you can use paper versions for these. You can also have a rummage in your craft supplies and see what you can add – maybe you have a small fabric flower to add to the hat? Or maybe you want use some cardboard or corrugated card for the scarecrow’s head? Take a look at what you have and let your imagination run wild!

supplies needed fro Pop Stick Scarecrow craft activity
Supplies needed for the Pop Stick Scarecrow craft activity
  • per scarecrow two popsicle sticks (or store bought craft sticks, but we love the recycled element of these)
  • a good quality glue stick (though you may wish to use PVA glue or a hot glue gun to glue the craft sticks together, I found a glue stick works! BUT my kids are not as wild with their crafts anymore)
  • paper scraps in desired colors for – the scarecrow’s head (you could use the back of a cereal box for this too), the hair (yarn would also work well for hair) and hat & hat brim
  • a black marker or felt tip pen
  • Optional: felt tip pens (optional, you can leave the craft sticks blank – I did at first and it was still super cute or cut paper clothes or you could do some yarn wrapping for the body)
  • Optional: recycled buttons as embellishments (instead of real buttons, you can cut paper buttons or cut some paper “Patches” as per our toilet roll scarecrow
  • Optional: googley eyes (instead draw on eyes or cut out “paper googly eyes” – also eco friendly!

Our popsicle craft sticks are quite small.. more like mini craft sticks.. but you can make these with any size craft stick you have to hand. Larger sticks are fine too! That is the beauty of this adorable scarecrow craft!

How to make a popsicle stick scarecrow

Video tutorial on autoplay for you too!

pop stick crafts

So let’s see how to make this cute scarecrow popsicle stick craft!

Cut out your basic shapes

Depending on the age group you are working with, you may like to do a little preparation first and cut out some of the shapes before hand! Older kids should manage just fine – it is great for their paper cutting skills and being a scarecrow it doesn’t matter if the shapes are a little wonky. So gran the construction paper or regular paper and get cutting.

basic shapes needed
Basic shapes needed: circle, rectangle x2, triangle and strips of paper

But the shapes you will need are:

  • a circle for the scarecrow’s head (you can trace a small pot or lid for this)
  • a square or rectangle for the “main” part of the scarecrow’s hat
  • a long thin rectangle of the hat brim
  • some strips of paper for the scarecrow’s straw hair (I do like to use yellow to represent the color of straw, but you can make it any color you wish, orange, brown, black!)
  • Optional: you can also cut out a small triangle in orange as a nose and use a hole punch to cut out some rosy cheeks

Also get your extras ready:

  • googly eyes
  • buttons/ decor for hat and body

Scarecrow assembly – make the scarecrow’s head

Begin by “assembling” the scarecrow’s head.

glue the paper hair down
Yellow yarn would make great scarecrow hair too!

Glue on the strips of paper for the hair.

add the hat brim
Add the hat brim

Glue on the rectangle for the hat.

Glue on the paper brim to the scarecrow hat.

add eyes and orange nose

Add the wiggle eyes and button to the hat.

Draw a big mouth and add the rosy cheeks with your black marker or black sharpie.

finished scarecrow head

Make the scarecrow’s popsicle body

glue a cross with the popsicle sticks

Glue your two craft sticks together like a cross. If you wish you can stick them together at an angle to make a “dingly dangly scarecrow”.

color the body

Using a felt tip pen, color in the popsicle scarecrow’s body. As mentioned, this is optional, it still looks cute left plain!

secure the head to the craft sticks

Glue on the head to the top of your scarecrow’s body!

add buttons
add some buttons as final embellishments

Glue on some more buttons for the scarecrow’s body. Again if you don’t have any buttons, you can draw some on paper, you can leave the scarecow plain or you can draw on some patches. and your popsicle stick scarecrow is finished! SO CUTE!

small paper crow
Cute little paper crow embellishment

OPTIONAL: make a paper scarecrow crow!!! Just cut two small circles in black, add a triangle beak and some paper or googly eyes.

cute scarecrow craft ideas


adorable popsicle scarecrow craft

Now go play with your adorable scarecrows! I think they also make adorable plant pot fall decorations.

As we have such a big stash of popsicle sticks (I confess, three summer’s worth!), we will be making lots of Popsicle Stick Crafts over the coming holiday seasons. But whilst you wait for these, why not check out our collection of Craft Stick Crafts here? We also have a great collection of MORE Scarecrow Crafts that would make lovely fall decor: