Christmas Popsicle Stick Gnomes

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We do love making Gnome Crafts all year round. They are just so fun and cute! With Christmas around the corner, I thought some Handprint Gnomes would be fun.. some of you eagle eyed, may recognises these little gnomes.. from back when we made a Fall Popsicle Stick Gnome version (with leaf beards!) – now is time for the Christmas Popsicle Stick Gnomes. This time.. we have fantastic keepsake handprint beards to finish off the cute gnome all part of our collection of Craft Stick Crafts!

handpring popsicle gnomes

These cute little Popsicle Stick Gnomes are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers with their cute small hands. Especially if you are using recycled ice lolly sticks like we are. If you want to make these with older kids, you could give using jumbo craft sticks ago or simply make the hat our cardstock – so no need for craft sticks, and you can make it bigger! In fact, you could use white card, and get your kids or students to decorate them by hand too! So fun.

This is a versatile Gnome craft.. don’t forget there is the Leaf Beard Gnome and a Handprint Beard Gnome!

Handprint Christmas Popsicle Crafts & More

handprints & popsicles for christmas

I have to confess, earlier this holiday season, I took our stash of summer popsicle sticks and had a go at a “set” of craft stick crafts. You may have already seen the handprint angel craft, as well as it’s popsicle stick reindeer friend. These Handprint Gnomes are here to finish of the collection! Though of course Christmas Popsicle Crafts are not JUST defined by using handprints.. we also have two other cute Christmas Crafts for you to try – the Craft Stick Snowflakes with buttons and the craft stick stars. So lovely!:

Supplies needed to make a Popsicle Stick Gnome for Christmas

popsicle stick gnome supplies
  • 3 popsicle sticks per gnome*
  • Pretty pattern paper in seasonal colors – if you don’t have patterned paper, you can use plain construction paper in seasonal colors (think green, yellow, oranges and reds) OR you can use white paper and get the kids to draw seasonal features onto it
  • Felt tip pen for the craft sticks
  • Paper for the gnome’s nose
  • White paper or construction paper for the gnome’s handprint beards
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

We used recycled popsicle sticks for this, but you could go extra large and use some jumbo craft sticks.

How to make a craft stick gnome with handprint beards

A video tutorial for the Chirstmas Handprint Gnome will be available soon!

Prepare the Gnome’s Beard

Begin by folding your white paper in half and tracing your child’s hand. Now cut out two hands at the same time!

Color in your popsicle sticks

color the popsicle sticks green

Using felt tip pens (no need for paint and paint brush!), color in your popsicle sticks to match/ suit the paper colors you chose from the Gnome’s hat. In our case, I colored in the craft sticks in green, as both my pattern paper has a lot of green in it.

The felt tips may smudge, so do be careful and wipe small hands after awards.

Make the Gnome’s Popsicle Stick Hat

lay out the popsicle sticks

Once the popsicle sticks are ready (and dry). Place them on to your paper in a triangle shape (a great opportunity to discuss triangles and shapes!). If your paper has a pattern, place them in a way that compliments the pattern. So for example, I made sure one of the mushrooms in mine was nicely centred.

Once all neatly laid out, use your glue stick to glue your craft sticks down. If you use enough glue stick it works really well.. no need for PVA glue.

Carefully cut out the triangle that will form the Gnome’s hat.

Make a Gnome’s Nose

gnome's nose

Cut out an oval (or circle) in a desired skin tone to make the gnome’s nose (again, an opportunity to discuss shapes!

Handprint Christmas Gnome Assembly

Glue the gnome’s nose onto the center of the hat band. Some people like to place the nose under the hat.. I think both work and it is a question of preference.

glue the beard

Now take your paper handprints and arrange them as a beard and place the hat on top. Make sure the beard cover the width of the hat. You can have a shuffle around and see what works best for you. You may need overlap the handprints more or less – or maybe just use one hand!

Happy with the final look? Then carefully glue the gnome’s beard in place under the hat base.

Christmas Handprint gnomes

How cute are these little gnomes?

triangle shape craft preschool

Aren’t they are great way to explore triangle shapes with preschoolers? So fun AND they make a great keepsake Christmas craft too.

In the meantime, why not check out the rest of our collection of Gnome Crafts! We have many great Christmas gnomes in this collection too – I adore those paper cone gnomes, as well the origami gnomes. TOO CUTE!! Or if you are after some more Christmas Handprint Crafts or craft stick crafts, check this collection:

Happy Preschool Christmas Crafting this Holiday Season!

handprint gnomes with craft sticks