Potato Print Walrus Birthday Card

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Well.. you may remember the Potato Print Walrus cards we made a couple of weeks ago as Thank You cards for relatives post Christmas! We had a couple of cards left over.. and decided to turn one into this ridiculously cute Potato Print Walrus Birthday Card (if I say so myself!!). I thought I would sahre with you.. as it is so simple to convert the previous project into a birthday card too!

walrus birthday card DIY idea

What do you think? Isn’t it adorable? And so so soooo easy!

Here is a quick reminder of the original Potato Print Walrus cards (I have updated the original Potato Printing Tutorial, and added an image of the Birthday Walrus too!):

walrus print cards

In addition to the original Potato Printing Supplies, you will also need –

  • some scraps of paper in different colours and
  • a little tissue paper or pom pom for the Birthday Party hat.

I prefer using the scrunched up tissue paper as a birthday hat pom pom, as it is eco friendly (bio degradable, and all our tissue paper is also recycled!). But a regular craft pom pom would cute too.

How to add the Birthday card embellishments to your Walrus Potato Print:

walrus birthday card

So follow the Potato Print Walrus making steps shared before – we love making these in bulk.. at least 8 cards if not more made in one batch.. let dry fully and then get your birthday embellishments ready:

Cut out some paper balloons

Use markers to add little “balloon shiny bits”

Cut out a triangle for a party hat (I found some pieces of spotty paper, which was perfect)

Glue on a scrunched up bit of tissue paper as a pom pom for the birthday hat

Glue all your birthday details to your card. Ta da…..

Walrus or Seal Puns that you may wish to add:

Here are some fun little puns you can add to your walrus birthday card. If you make your walrus in grey colours (or blues) and leave out the white paper tusks, it could pass as a cute seal card too! So have added a couple of seal puns too!

  • Walrus of Love
  • I Walrus Love You
  • Just floating by to say…
  • Flawless, like the Walrus
  • Seal of approval
  • Your SEAL-rously old

And done! You have SOOO quickly and easily converted your more generic Potato Walrus Card into a Birthday Walrus!

walrus print cards
Don’t the different Walrus Cards all look great together?

Last year, we also made a Potato Polar Bear card… and I thought… oooh why not convert that too:

Birthday Polar Bear Card!

Fancy some more fun Birthday Cards to make with kids? Take a peak at these:

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