Printable Frankenstein Bookmark Corners

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Hooray, it is time for some rather gorgeous Printable Frankenstein Bookmark Corners and more! These are great Halloween Coloring Pages to get you into that Spooky Halloween Mood.

Printable Frankenstein Bookmark Corner

The printable pack shared here today, has so much more than “just” the Frankenstein Bookmarks, we have also included some great facts about the Frankenstein Book and the author Mary Shelley. As Mary Shelley was entering a ghost writing competition, when she wrote Frankenstein, we have also included some fun Story Writing Prompt pages for Halloween. So if you are looking for some educational fun this Halloween.. look no further.

Fun Facts about Frankenstein

  1. Frankenstein was the scientist, Victor Frankenstein, and not the monster
  2. The book was written by Mary Shelley when she was a Teenager. She was 18 when she wrote it and it was published two years later when she was 20
  3. People at first thought the book was written by a man
  4. She wrote the book as part of a spooky writing competition
  5. There is a castle in Germany called Frankenstein
  6. Mary Shelley, said she came up with story in a dream
  7. Frankenstein’s Monster is in fact a vegetarian and can speak several languages
  8. It is said that Frankenstein was the first Science Fiction novel ever written

Looking for Frankenstein Printables? Here we have:

Frankenstein literacy activities

This printable pack contains: –

  • 2 Frankenstein Corner Bookmarks – one of Frankenstein’s Monster itself and one as a potions corner
  • 2 “oridnary” Frankenstein Bookmarks that include some basic fun facts about Frankenstein and Mary Shelley
  • 4 Frankenstein Writing prompts and 3 writing prompt sheets to get creative juices flowing

These printables have been created in conjunction with HP’s Print & Learn initiative – hop over to grab your copies!

Printable Frankenstein Bookmark & Wriring Prompts

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