Halloween Cootie Catcher Activity for Kids

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Oooh, we are so excited to share our latest Halloween Activities for Kids today! Today, we have a fabulous Halloween Cootie Catcher Scavenger Hunt AND Halloween Cootie Catcher Quiz for you! Two great printable Cootie Catcher to teach kids about Halloween and have some Halloween fun too. A perfect addition to any Halloween Crafting session!

Halloween Cootie Catcher

How to do a Halloween Savenger Hunt?

We have shared a Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable before. The idea is simple, print of a list of “things to find” and send the kids off to find as many as possible to tick off the list. You can play it by either “finding just one of each” or by finding as many of the same item as you can. Points awarded for each one. TODAY’s Halloween Cootie Catcher Scavenger Hunt is slightly different, as you can ALSO play it indoors. We have created a set of printable tokens, that the parent or teacher can hide for the children to find. Alternatively, use it to go outside and look at the neighbourhood Halloween decorations.. or go for a Halloween Drive. A lovely Halloween Activity for all the family.

Can you use this for a Halloween Candy Hunt?

Cootie Catcher

Yes! If you are looking for alternatives to trick or treating, then using our Halloween Cootie Catcher Scavenger Hunt printables and tokens to hide is the perfect Halloween Candy Hunt for your kids. Tape a candy to each token that the children have to find. Brilliant!

How to have a Halloween Quiz?

Halloween Quiz

Well, if you want to have a fun little Halloween Quiz, look no further. Today’s Halloween Cootie Catcher comes in TWO versions – the Scavenger Hunt outlined above.. or the Halloween Cootie Catcher Quiz!! Each segment, of your Cootie Catcher has a fun Halloween related quiz question for you!

What are the key quiz questions about Halloween?

There are lots of interesting facts to learn about Halloween and where Halloween Comes froms. Here are a list of our favourite questions to ask children on Halloween:

  1. What is the largest fruit in the world? A pumpkin
  2. The first Jack O’Lanterns were made from what? Turnips
  3. What was Halloween known as before? All Saints’ Day or All-Hallows Eve, but it originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain over 2,000 years ago.
  4. How many species of bats are there? Over 1000
  5. Spiders are arachnids, not insects. How many legs do they have? 8
  6. Where do Mummies come from? All over the world, but are best known for Ancient Egypt or maybe? Who is the most famous mummy? Egyptian pharaoh King Tutankhamun
  7. What was Candy Corn originally called? Chicken Feed
  8. Where do Jack O’Lanterns come from? The Irish Legend of Stingy Jack
  9. Where do you celebrate Day of the Dead? In Mexico on 2. November
  10. Where does the word bonfire come from? Bonfire actually stems from the Middle English bonefire, literally referring to a fire of bones

We have included our favourites from the list above in our printable Halloween Cootie Catcher Quiz.

How do you make a Halloween Cootie Catcher?

Cootie catchers are so easy to make and a great Childhood Origami Project that everyone needs to give a go! We have made many fortune tellers/ or cootie catchers of the years. All you need is square piece of paper and these step by step cootie catcher DIY instructions.

You can then decorate your cootie catcher it in whatever way you wish and add some of the Halloween Quiz Questions shared above. Or why not add a Halloween Joke or two? We have some fun Spider Jokes and fun Ghost Jokes for you to check out!

Alternatively… take our printable pages shared here today – they have a printable cootie catcher worksheet, the scavenger hunt tokens and of course the fabulous Halloween Cootie Catcher colouring pages.

Free Halloween Cootie Catcher Templates

This year, we got together with the lovely people at HP, who have an amazing set of printable resources for you over the coming weeks. You can hop over and grab your FREE Halloween Cootie Catcher Templates there!

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