Printable Ramadan Lantern Decoration

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Our Ramadan Series continues with a wonderful paper latern guest post by Craftionary. I love these Ramadan Lanterns, as they are so easy to make and you can use them in lots of different ways! Including Ramadan greeting cards, gift tags, simple wall decor or I also think they would make gorgeous Ramadan Lantern Garland to decorate for Ramadan.

Ramadan Lantern Printable

These paper Ramadan Lanterns come complete with a FREE Lantern Template. It is one size only. But by changing your printer settings (either adjusting the % of the print size or printing 2/ 4 per page), you can adapt it for different craft uses!

As mentioned this is a lovely guest post by Craftionary. Do hop over to both her Instagram page or website. Where you will find lots of DIYs, kids crafts and more! Including more free Ramadan printables. Over to Craftionary

Let’s make simple Ramadan Lantern Decorations

Kids learn more when they are involved in an activity or craft. This Ramadan make easy paper lanterns with your children. All you need is a printable template to guide the cutting lines, some scissors and glue with colorful paper to get crafting these easy Ramadan lanterns.

Last year instead of crafting, my kids enjoyed getting involved in a Ramadan activity about how suhoor and iftar time changes throughout the month! They have great ideas to share and this practical idea will help them in the long run as well. You can print these Ramadan printables for free and use them for this activity at home.

Ramadan Paper Lanterns Supplies

You will need:

  • Craft Paper – You can use any craft paper in solid colors or decorative scrapbook paper with different designs and patterns. You can also use double-sided paper if you want both sides printed. These are readily available in dollar stores, Michaels and even Amazon. Moroccan or Islamic art patterns in metallic colors would be fun to try!
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors – use kids-safe scissors and assist them if they are young.
  • Lantern Template – Print Your Lantern Template here (enter $0 at check out! It is a free printable via gumroad)
  • String to hang
  • Hole puncher for making a hole for the string to pass.

This lovely Ramadan Lantern Printables (it is hosted on gumroad, please enter $0 at check out) is available here today.

How to make Easy Ramadan Lanterns with kids?

Crafting with kids for Ramadan Kareem had me thinking that it would be so cute to make paper lanterns. You can hang these lanterns on the wall or hooks. These will also make adorable gift cards for your family and friends with a special message on the back or just simple Ramadan wishes. Moreover, use them as gift toppers or Ramadan favor bag gift tags.

lantern template

Start by printing the template. You can print it on black and white paper and use scissors or a blade with a cutting mat to cut out the Ramadan lantern portion and the windows. You will end up with 4 parts to work with.

Now choose your background paper for the lantern. You can choose a solid color or a patterned paper with glitter if you like. Glitter sheets and textured paper also make a cute choice for this one.

Use a pencil to draw an outline of the template lantern shape on the back of your decorative paper.

Now choose a contrasting color or design to make the windows of the lantern. Trace the windows on the back of the paper as well.

With the help of kids-safe scissors assist the kids in cutting simple shapes.

I made these templates very basic with round and square forms so that kids can easily cut the various parts themselves.

lantern assembly

Now use a glue stick to stick the windows on the lantern.

Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top circle of the lantern and use burlap string or any other string of your choice to pass through the hole.

finished paper lanterns

Hang your lanterns and enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this simple Ramadan paper lantern craft for kids.

As mentioned, do follow Craftionary today! For lots more creative ideas!

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