Easy Olympics Sports Craft – Olympics Memory

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Here is a quick craft idea for you if you are looking for some fun and easy Olympics Kids Crafts.. why not print out some Olympic Pictograms such as the below from Buyong.com?

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This is a super simple craft idea… for you to be inspired by!

Grab a printable such as the one from Buyong.com!

Print the olympic sports images twice on light cardstock or paper. If printing on paper, stick to some recycled cardboard.

Now cut out each olympic sport.

Hey presto – you have an Olympic Memory game!

And you can practice talking about all the different sports to your children too! (Please visit Buyong.com if you want to use the image).

If you want to use the Olympic Pictograms for 2024, you can see the whole set for both the Olympics and the Paraolympics over on The Olympi Design.com.


My favourite are the ones from Munich 1978.

Just do a google search!

Happy Olympic Crafting!

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