Ramadan Lacing Cards Moon & Star

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Our Ramadan Crafts continue, with a lovely guest post from Craftionary. She shows us how to make some beautiful lacing card moons and stars for Ramadan. A great way to get children to practice their sewing skills. This is a great project for slightly older elementary school children, tweens and teens!

How to sew a Ramadan Moon Card with beads

lacing cards for ramadan

Over to the lovely Craftionary!

Hello friends, I am Hani from Craftionary, and I am so excited to share a cute Ramadan and Eid craft with you today. When Maggy asked me to guest post, I thought since it’s a month of gratitude why not share it with friends and family.

So, we will be making a handmade greeting card for our loved ones. This is a kid’s friendly craft, but adult supervision may be required based on kid’s age.

We will make a fun greetings card that can also be used as an inspiration for wall art with thread and beads.

To make your beaded Moon & Star Card for Ramadan – you will need:

ramdan card making
  • Kids friendly needle (normally made of plastic or with a rounded end) or basic needle
  • A basic needle or something to poke holes like a skewer stick
  • Beads – you can choose your colors and designs
  • Thread – Use contrasting colors so they emerge well on your background.
  • Cardstock or greeting card in color of your choice.

A simple moon and star printable in two sizes is available for free. Simply enter $0 at checkout.

How to make a Beaded Moon Card for Ramadan

Create your moon and star outlines

Let’s get started. Start by drawing a moon and star on your paper with a pencil for guideline. You can use a bowl to draw two adjacent curves and connect them at the corners to make the moon or use the free printable (enter $0 at check out). For the star I just free hand draw it if you need assistance print and cutout.

making guides for sewing

Make guide holes for children to sew the moon & star

Once you have your outline, use a needle to poke holes through the lines of your drawing.

Add pretty card / paper

Completely optional you can glue a scrapbook paper on top of your cardstock. If you choose to do this, you will have to re-poke the dots following the path from the inside of your card from the previous poking.

start sewing the ramadan moon

Start sewing your ramadan moon and star with beads

Now use a thread and pass it through the hole from the bottom first to start your pattern. Make sure to knot the end of the thread so that it stays in place.

Place a bead on your needle before you pass it through the hole on the top of your card so that it stays between the two dots on the front side. Continue threading through the holes and add a bead every time.

ramadan moon and star

Vary your sewing pattern as you wish!

You can follow various patterns as you thread and put beads as you go. Have fun inventing new designs. For the star I did an outline with beads. However, for the moon I did an outline without beads and thread across the area of the moon with bead to cover it from inside.

lacing cards for ramadan

Add finishing messages

Once you are done with your thread work your card is ready. Put your message and enjoy!

You can also use a foam brush to paint the outside of the card to look like night and sprinkle some white paint for a starry night. This will make your moon and star pop out on the greeting card.

This craft has so many possibilities with material you already have at home. You can add foam stars or sprinkle glitter. This craft is also fun to make other shapes like a lantern, mosque, or even a sheep for example.

I hope you enjoyed this simple and cool Ramadan craft for kids and that you are inspired to practice your sewing skills.

Last year I shared colorful paper lanterns with a template.

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Thank you Maggy for having it. It was a pleasure being here.

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