Robot Craft Ideas for Preschoolers and Early Years


The majority of Robot Crafts shared here are perfect Robot Crafts as EYFS activities and our early years students! Preschoolers LOVE all things robot and there are many super cute Robot Craft Ideas to try out!

robot craft ideas

As we know all crafting is great for EYFS, it is a great opportunity to not only get creative and have some fun, but to hone those fine motor skills and concentration skills.

Robot Craft Ideas for Early Years and Preschool

Let’s get started on our cute robot activities for little ones. I hope you enjoy these as as much as enjoyed making them!

Paper towel tubes are great for this craft too!

Paper Roll Robot for Preschoolers

This toilet paper roll robot is perfect for younger children – it is relatively quick and easy to make and yet oh so cute! We especially love the paper arms – a great fine motor activity where young children practice their folding skills! Perfect EYFS activity too! We used sequins as robot buttons, but you can use pony beads, paper cut outs or other small bits and pieces!

Find a small cardboard box for the centre of your robot body

Junk Art Robot

Did your little one get the taste for robot making after their TP Roll Robot above? Well.. our little paper roll robot was sucj a favourite, that my kids wanted to up the ante and really DIVE into that recycling box. What will you find in there that is perfect for your robot making? Junk Modelling Robots are fun and you can get so very creative with them. Every kiddo has to make a junk robot once in their little life! So fun.

easy robot cards
You could add a small heart as a Valentine Robot Card!

Simple Robot Greeting Cards for preschoolers

Let’s focus on a simple robot shape. One or simple activities to have a go at. These little Robot Cards are super quick and easy to make and a great way to explore and discuss shapes with preschoolers. We focused on rectangles and squares, plus of course circles for googly eyes and sequins.. and ahem, can you tell, what previous craft this inspired by? You got it, the cardboard tube robot! Effectively the same materials but used in a 2d Robot version. So simple! We used these robot birthday party invites. Gather your craft paper and cardstock and get making.

What loose parts can you find? Combine, nuts, bolts, screws and more to make these cards

Robot Father’s Day Card

Next in our set of robot activities, how about we use loose parts to make thee adorable simple Robot’s Father’s Day Cards! This is a great way to rummage through that tool box or stationary drawer. What no longer needed loose parts can you use to create your robot creature. Grab some nuts and bolts, and combine them to make a lovely Father’s Day Card Robot: You Keep Us Bolted Together. Too cute!

Let’s make some rockin’ robots!

Moving Paper Cup Robot Bots

For this moving paper cup robot, we kept the decorations simple – these were inspired by LEGO Ninja toys.. but of course you can once again decorate your paper cup robots in any way you wish. Go crazy with pipecleaners, pom poms and other bits and bobs.. or keep it simple. But whatever you do, DO give these moving robots a go! The kiddo will love it!

moving robots for preschool

Coloring Bots – make some wobbly robots

Go one step further and turn your paper cup robots into “Coloring Bots” as the kids in Wolverhampton did! These wobbly robots are so fun and it is great to see what they will draw for us. Your preschooler will love to take their own jiggly robot home with them!

easy robot costume

Simple Robot Costume DIY

This is a clever way to dress up as a robot quickly and easily. And all you need is a brown paper bag and some bottle top lids from your recycling! Fun A Day shows us how! A great easy paper craft for kids!

Dancing Robot paper puppets
A free robot template included!

Paper Robot Puppet Printable

Grab your colouring pencils and pens and let’s make a DANCING Paper Robot Puppet. Here is a set of 8 Robot Puppets, including a free printable robot. You can print this robot template onto light cardstock, or regular paper and then glue it onto recycled cereal packaging or similar.

NOTE: depening on the age group – you some adult assistance may be required with cutting out the shapes (though you don’t have to cut “accurately), also, many teacher readers, like making our paper puppets with JUST the split pins making it a quick craft and the kids still love the dangly legs and arms!

mix and match your build a robot

3d Robot Shapes Coloring Pages

Or build some robots with us and this set of 3d Robot Shapes Coloring Pages. A great opportunity to practice cutting skills and making some 3d shapes. Make use of the freebie or get the whole set!

Gorgeous Robot Coloring Pages

If you are short on time, but still have some robot fans in the house. Grab these Free Robot Coloring Pages and get the crayons out! A lovely color craft to quickly set up.

Make your own mini robot – adult assistance required

Ok this one is for older kids, but I felt I had to included in this collection of Robot Craft Ideas! Make your own battery powered mini robots. A great way to engage any older kids at home!

Hope you enjoyed these easy Robot Crafts for early years and preschool!

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