Sea Glass Crafts

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I was actually busy doing something else, when I stumbled across some sea glass photos and sea glass CRAFTS on Pinterest. Before I knew it, I was browsing away, looking at this oh so pretty beach side find. Oh how I love SEA GLASS!! So beautiful. Such a fab find. Now let’s take a look of what creative projects you can make with this colorful glass!

12 Wonderful Sea Glass Ideas to inspire - something for all seasons, so very very pretty!

Needless to say, Sea Glass isn’t always that easy to find. You have to be lucky to land on a beach that has some.. and then it takes some patience and dedication… But luckily you can actually buy Sea Glass now – be it rainbow sea glass to buy or whimsical frosted sea glass to buy. If you are buying in the UK – head to ebay!

Luckily for us, my daughter and I can spend HOURS looking for sea glass in the sand when visiting the beach. Happy days!

Browse the Sea Glass images and click through to more info here:

Let’s begin with a couple of our projects here on Red Ted Art, which I feel are especially suitable to kids of all ages!

These turtles can be made into Sea Glass Jewelry pendants too!

Making Salt Dough Turtles with sea glass turtle shells is super easy and oh so fun! Possibly one of my favourite sea glass ideas to date!

Sea Glass Ornaments - turn your beach finds into Christmas Keepsakes, by turning sea glass into gorgeous tree ornaments - this is so easy you can even do it ON holiday!

Turn summer memories into Keepsake Ornaments – these Sea Glass Ornaments are SUPER easy to make! And a gorgeous memento of your holidays!

Sea Glass Mermaid Art for Kids

We also had great fun with our Sea Glass Art Project! This was a lovely wall art project that my daughter still cherishes. A little PVA glue (white glue) was great for adding the sea glass and also acted as a varnish!

A while back we included wrapped sea glass and seashells in our mermaid themed decorations, a lovely way to display these beach find treasures.

More Sea Glass Ideas & Inspiration from around the web!

Now it is time to look at some of the sea glass tutorials from around the web for some more wonderful inspiration!

Sea Glass Crafts Seaside Mobile

Lovely (Round) Seaside Mobile – this looks like an easy make – and the sea glass doesn’t need to be drilled. Bigger, uneven pieces are better to be able to secure and tie the string around it! I love the use of an embroidery hoop as the mobile!

sea glass mobile

Gorgeous (Flat) Sea Glass Windchimes with Driftwood (no instructions) – similarly this is a lovely way to combine a piece of driftwood with this colorful glass! And looks easy enough to make!

Sea glass crafts - christmas tree

Sea Glass Christmas Tree Art another way to combine this beautiful colorful glass with pieces of driftwood. You could even add some sea shells too!

Sea Glass Ideas

Sea Glass Meditation Box (Etsy Shop, but love this concept)

sea glass ideas (2)

Simple Sea Glass Wall Art


Simple Votive – jars and a candle are also popular “sea glass makes”. I love the simplicity of this sea glass votive DIY! Such lovely sea glass candles indeed!

how to drill sea glass

How to Drill Seaglass (and make simple earrings, pendants or bracelets) – now this is for the experts for sure. If you feel brave, have a go at drilling your sea glass pieces, opening up so many new DIY tutorial ideas! Especially for sea glass jewellery making.

sea glass crafts
Explore the different shapes of sea glass to create art projects

Sail Boat Art (for purchase, but great inspiration) – this is a great way to use your small pieces of sea glass and great some small art projects. Suitable for kids too! Why not add some little seashells to your art work?

sea glass crafts (2)

Clock – a lovely simple craft that combines driftwood with sea glass. Would make great gifts too!

fabulous seaglass bowl idea

Gorgeous Sea Glass Bowl!

sea glass ideas - transfer images onto glass

Wonderful Image Transfer onto glass!

Time for some Sea Glass Jewellery

Wearing your sea glass is of course also a wonderful way to cherish your summer finds. And necklaces of all kinds are a wonderful way to display your treasure!

sea glass jewellery

Our Sea Glass Turtles, can also be made small enough to turn them into pendants! Making them a great little Sea Glass Jewellery proejct for kids!

Wrapped Sea Glass Pendant

sea glass pendant for kids

Sea Glass Pendant (Easy) – another simpler mechanism for turning seaglass into a pendant to wear. This could be done with pebbles too.

sea glass crafts sail boat
Beautiful Sea Glass Pendants

Sea Glass Sail Boat (no instructions, but WOW!) – a gorgeous way to keep that ocean theme going and creating stunning sea glass jewellery to treasure! These would make beautiful sea-glass necklace gifts too!

So! Have I tempted you yet to comb the beaches this Summer? What Sea Glass crafts do YOU fancy making?