Free Axolotl Coloring Pages

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My daughter is OBSESSED with Axolotls. She has been for a couple of years now, so much so, that we had some specieal Axolotl enamel pins made! She designed them herself and they are so cute! She is always asking more for Axolotl related things. So I thought I would put together a quick list of her favourite Axolotl Coloring Pages!

axolotl coloring pages
A collection of free axolotl coloring pages!

What are axolotls?

The axolotl, is part of the salamander family. Axolotls are unusual among amphibians in that they reach adulthood without undergoing metamorphosis. Instead of taking to the land, adults remain aquatic and gilled. SOURCE They have a unique characteristics, in that they can regrow limbs, if they have lost one. They are very rare and are only found in a certain parts of Mexico.

I think with the advent of minecraft adding the minecraft axolotl… axolotls have become more mainstream! Which is fabulous, as they are such amazing creatures. No time like te present to make sure, we finally have a cute paper axolotl craft to celebrate! (We do have Minecraft bookmarks here focusing on creeper and the minecraft pig! I haven’t yet made a minecraft axolotl bookmark specifically. Watch this space!).

On to our quick collection.

Axolotl Coloring Page Ideas

We love coloring pages and there are a few ways you can have “fun” with these axolotl coloring pages –

  • Use your axolotl coloring page as a greeting card – either print out your final coloring and stick it on a card, or print the page out in a smaller format and print and color. Then add a cute axolotl pun, such as “Have a-lotl fun on your birthday” or “I love you alotl” for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day
  • Use your coloring page as a cover for a notebook or school book
  • Trace coloring page on clear plastic with sharpies and use them suncatchers

Free Axolotl Coloring Pages

Time for a selection of free axolotl coloring pages that we love!

free axolotl coloring pages

Kris the Creative – there is no question that we love the cute kawaii axolotl designs “out there”! Here is a lovely version of the classic kawaii axolotl design, but with a bit more detail, and background, so you have a bit more to color in! This would make a lovely greeting card too, or you could use your finished coloring page as a notebook cover!

cute axolotl

PNG Moon has this adorable axolotl for you to print and color. Isn’t it cute?!

I love you a lotl

PNG Moon also has this adorable little axolotl to color. This one could easily be cut and added to a Valentine’s Day Greeting Card: I love you A-lotl. Don’t you think?

axolotl fun

My Coloring Pages – I like this version of the axolotl as it is a little more life like – but still cute. It also shows the axolotl’s habitat!

realistic coloring page

If you want an even more realistic coloring page of an axolotl, maybe for a lesson plan, then try this realistic axolotl from Coloring Only.

Minecraft Axolotls are fun!

Going in the completely the opposite direction of “realistic axolotls”, Raskrasil has a whole set of fabulous Minecraft Axolotl coloring pages – because let’s faces it, Minecraft as most definitely help popularise this lovely little creature. So if you are after a Minecraft Axolotl to color.. this is the place to head!

Hope you enjoyed this little collection!! Have fun with your axolotl coloring pages! If you fancy more axolotl craft fun. Check out our axolotl craft category pages!

Love these axolotl coloring pages? We have a few more fabulous axolotl crafts for kids for you to check out:

easy axolotl craft - valentines card

A cute axolotl paper craft – the 3d Heart Axolotl Valentines Card!

Axolotl bookmark

Another fab paper axolotl craft – the axolotl bookmark corner.

axolotl crafts

Super cute Toilet Roll Axolotls. Adore the different axolotl puns.

axolotl coloring pages