Simple DIY Bunting (Free Printable)

Time for simple DIY Bunting (including some free printable bunting below!). We love having parties and street parties at our house, and bunting is always a key part of it. Whether you are decorating your home, or outside your home.. here are some great ideas to get you started!

no sew bunting

If you are after some fabric bunting.. a few years ago we made this no sew bunting using recycled materials. Please note that it isn’t waterproof though!

Potato print

Similarly, you can get creative with some Potato Print Bunting! Make make it patriotic?!

Or if you don’t have fabric to print on, make some newspaper bunting? You can cut out shapes or use your potato print process from the above craft!

Or even use vintage maps to make your bunting!

Or even use vintage maps to make your recycled paper bunting!

More cute and simple PRINTABLE Bunting from the web:

How cute is this fruit bunting from Party Delights?

Here for VE day? Check out this free bunting printable from VE Day. Org!

If you are after some Bunting “blanks” to decorate yourself, then the BBC here has some for you!

Thank you!! And hope that does the trick!!