Pumpkin Crafts for Preschool

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Nothing more autumn like than a gorgeous orange pumpkin! We love pumpkin decorations and pumpkins crafts to help make us feel all fall ready. Of course pumpkins also make great Jack O’Lanterns for Halloween, but love that you can display them right through to Thanksgiving and the end of November!

preschool pumpkin crafts
Lots of Pumpkin Crafts for little ones!

Today, I share a collection of Pumpkin Crafts for Preschoolers, as well as some lovely and super cute Jack O’Lanter Crafts for preschool! Needless to say, they can be both switched out to suit one season or another. Plain pumpkins are a great generall Fall Craft for preschoolers, add a fun face, and hey presto you have yourself a Jack O’Lantern for Halloween! Easy peasy!

Pumpkin Crafts for Preschoolers

Paper plate pumpkin crafts

We don’t just have one but THREE easy paper plate pumpkin crafts for you to check out!

String Art Paper Plate Pumpkin
Paper Plate Pumpkins are a fun way to decorate for Fall!

Here is a wonderful take on the “traditional” paper plate pumpkins – turn them into some wonderful yarn string art suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. A great fine motor skills project, will lovely results!

Jack O'Lantern Wreath Kids
Paper Plates are great for wreath making!

Apple Print Pumpkin Wreath – another paper plate pumpkin, would be this wonderful Paper Plate jack-o’-lantern wreath! This pumpkin craft was so fun on so many levels – it combined apple printing (a simply wonderful activity for Fall and Harvest festivals), with paper plate crafting (paper plates make the best kids sized wreaths) with fun jack-o’-lantern faces! So cute and easy to do. Oh and did I mention that the kiddos get to practice their cutting skills too? Perfect! I guess this wreath would also fall under the “paper pumpkin crafts” section, but thought I would share it here first. As it is so cute!

jack o'lantern craft for preschoolers

Paper Plate Jack OLantern Treat Bag – Our third paper plate pumpkin, is of course a fun and quirky paper plate purse for Halloween! Again, your toddlers and kindergartners will love to make this easy paper plate pumpkin craft and then proudly accessories their Halloween costumes with this fabulous bag!!

Feeling paper plate inspired? We have a great set of Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for you to continue to browse!

Paper Pumpkin Crafts

You already to got see our fabulous apple stamp pumpkin wreath. Here are some more paper pumpkin crafts to try.

pumpkin treat bag

Another super sweet and simple idea are these pumpkin photo collages. Aren’t they fun. You could easily add bas flying out of the pumpkins as well as some cute Jack O’Lantern Faces!

pumpkin suncatcher
Fun suncatcher pumpkin kits from etsy

The pumpkin theme is also great for tissue paper suncatchers/ pumpkin suncatchers! My daughter did some in preschool and.. you know what.. I can’t find the photos!! ARGH!!! I was going to pop them onto the blog for you.. but they have disappeared. Pfft. So. Whilst I wait to recreate this lovely little craft for you, you can get some FANTASTIC pumpkin suncatcher kits on etsy (affiliate link included – no cost to you, but I earn a small commission should you choose to buy these!). I guess the great thing with etsy kits, is that it takes all the “prep work” away for you and you and the kids can simply get stuck in! Love this set of designs and wonderful colours!

How cute is this Printable Pumpkins Feelings Set? This is a wonderful way to talk to toddlers and preschoolers around emotions. Especially in the run up to Halloween and Thanksgiving, when children can feel “all the emotions” (excitement, fear (of the dark or noise) etc).

pumpkin art preschool

Try this fabulous pumkin salt painting with this quirky art project from Housing a Forest!

paper pumpkin

Nurture Store has a wonderful 3d Paper Pumpkin to make with your preschooler. You will need some paper strips and split pins. Cutting the paper strips is a great opportunity to practice those cutting skills again!

pumpkin favour box halloween party

We made a similar craft recycling some SMARTIES tubes – and then filling our pumpkins with Halloween Treats! You could also string these up and make some cute pumpkin garlands.

pumpkin handprint art

The appropriately named Parening Patch, has a go at Pumpkin Handprint art. So fun!

More Cute Pumpkin Crafts for preschoolers

jack o Lantern garland
Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin Garland

These little yarn pumpkins are so cute and easy to make. Aren’t all our crafts. Ha! Well they are.. as we love “cute” and we love “easy”. Love that these yarn pumpkins are “reversible. Use them as fall garland decor throught September, October and November, then switch them round briefly for Halloween.. so fun!

Paper Tube Pumpkin
Toilet paper rolls come in handy again!

Well of course we need toilet paper rolls to feature in our little collection of easy pumpkin crafts too! Here is a cute pumpkin craft to get stuck into. And great for some fine motor skills too! Love the use of pipe cleaners for the stems and yarns for some extra fine motor skills. Your perfect toilet paper roll pumpkins!

toilet paper roll pumpkins

Buggy And Buddy turns toilet paper rolls into these adorable mini treat holders. So quick and easy to make too! Just grab a toilet paper roll cut in half, some orange tissue paper and get wrapping! Secure with a pipe cleaner or some green ribbon as stems!

Halloween lantern
Tissue paper jack-o-lanterns are easy to make and look great!

Jack O Lantern Mason Jars – we first made these when my kids where very little!! And every year, we still bring them out for decorating our Halloween porch. Tissue Paper Lanterns are so easy and fun to make. And look SO GOOD when all lit up. You can fill them with electric tealights or real candles if you wish. Both work really well. All you need for this craft, is some tissue paper, glue and upcycled mason jars.. nice and easy! And love the orange glow of these lanterns! Love how the whole set together looks like a glowing pumpkin patch! So much fun!

Air drying clay Pumpkin pinch pot for Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving. Holiday Pinch Pot Designs!
Easy pumpkin pinch pots

Pumpkin Pinch Pot are another firm favourite in our house. We love making pinch pots from air drying clay – and easy activity to get you used to using clay. These look particularly great filled with some yummy candy corn treats or or maybe some nature finds? Though i know mine will always use them as treat holders!

Sooo is these enough pumpkin activities for preschoolers to keep you going? As mentioned, I think they are a lovely theme for the fall months and can take you right through to Thanksgiving!! We can’t wait to go out and get our mini pumpkins for our fall porch!

In the meantime, we leave you with more Fall Crafts for Preschoolers here:

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