Snowy Owl Crafts for Kids


I have to confess! I wasn’t sure whether to call this a Snowy Owl Crafts for Kids post or a Harry Potter Hedwig Crafts Round up!!! Don’t you think that ALL Snowy Owl DIYs simply ARE Hedwig!? Surely they are!! Right?

Either way.. if you are here for some seasonal Snowy Owl Winter Crafts or some great Hedwig from Harry Potter Crafts for Kids.. read on…. and be inspired!

Snowy Owl Crafts for Kids

Snow Owl Crafts for Kids

First up, the Snowy Owls found on Red Ted Art (we have a big collection of Owl Crafts you may enjoy).

Pom Pom Owls

Snowy Owl Crafts

Pinecone Snow Owls

Finger Knitting Owls

More Snowy Owl (or Hedwig) Crafts:

And now for a collection of Snowy Owl Crafts from around the web!!! SO many ideas to choose from! Featured in the image above are:

Snowy Owl Crafts for Kids

More Snowy Owl DIY Ideas for Kids:

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