Squashed Witch Legs DIY for our Little Free Library


Last minute upcycled Halloween Decor for kids to make. We had SO MUCH fun making DIY Squashed Witch Legs for Halloween. We used ours as part of our Little Free Library Halloween decor!

What I love most about these squashed witch legs, is that they are 100% recycled, they are no sew AND all the materials came “from the community”.. as our library is a community project, I love that the community was able to donate the materials needed – making it eco friendly fun!

Squashed Witch Legs under oue little free library!

Squashed Witch Legs DIY – Recycled Materials Used:

  • Old pair of red shoes
  • Some stripey socks
  • An old child’s tutu
  • Stuffing from the inside of an old pillow


Some notes on the upcycle. I was determined to make this witch decoration ONLY from upcycled materials (and not further add to the pile of “stuff” in the world). As our library is a community library.. I put a call out to the community for the different parts needed!! We used one our tutus (that we will be able to wash and reuse), some stripey socks from a neighbour – tights would work too, and red shoes from another neighbour that got damaged. If I hadn’t had found those shoes, I would taken a pair old school shoes from Pip Squeak and tried to paint them read and add glitter to them!

How to make your Squashed Witch Legs

As mentioned, these are no sew and super easy to make. I am sorry that I don’t have step photos, but there really wasn’t much to show… basically we:

1 Took a long sock and an old pillow. Cut the stuffing out (we use it for toy making too), fluffed it up a bit and started stuffing the sock until it was full. We didn’t sew it such. But you can add a safety pin if you wish. Repeat for the other sock.

That’s it… ha.

2 We then took it all outside. Lifte the library up and wedges the tutu and the top of the two socks underneath!

3. Thenp ut the shoes on. It happened to all fit perfectly!! Woohoo! So fun.

Should they get wet… we can take the hole craft apart – wash it, let it dry and re assemble it. Yay. This didn’t cost us a penny to make!

So much fun with our witch legs

Happy Halloween!!

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