STEAM Balancing Heart Toy for Valentine’s


We love Valentine’s! Such a fun time of year.. and as the 31 Days of Love series hurtles towards and end (boo hoo only 4 more projects remaining) we have a super fun STEAM Balancing Heart Toy for Valentine’s. This is a guest post by the gorgeous and oh so clever Ana from Babble Dabble Do… she is a genuis at creative AND sciency activities for kids.. and with this fabulous STEAM Heart Toy she has great yet another fantastic activity for you!! Do hop over to her site and make sure you have a go browse. You will love it! We love Science Activities for Valentines!

Valentine’s Day STEAM Craft: BALANCE HEARTS

Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day by making a toy? Okay maybe it’s just me but I’ll use any excuse to make DIY toy, especially one that doubles as a STEAM project!

Over to Ana…

My name is Ana and I’m excited to be with you guys today as part of the 31 Days of Love Series on Red Ted Art!  I write at Babble Dabble Do where I help families connect through creative projects, usually projects with a STEAM twist! I alsohave a rockin’ You Tube channel your kids will love: Babble Dabble Do on You Tube.

But back to the toy, today’s project is a Valentine’s Day craft that will give your kids a hands-on demonstration of balance and weight. We’re going to be making a Balancing Heart out of cardboard, clay, and bamboo skewers.

BALANCE HEARTS Paper Toys for Valentines – Materials

  • Template Download here (enter $0 at check out)
  • Cardboard
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Clay
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Paint & brush
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Xacto

Enter $0 at check out for this free STEAM project template!

How to make your STEAM Heart Toy – Instructions

Ana knows how much we love our videos.. and has created both a video for you to watch as well as step by step instructions below!! Take your pick!!!

Step by Step Written Instructions

Step 1 Cut out heart and arrowhead templates.

Step 2 Trace heart shape on cardboard and cut. Paint if desired. Let dry.

Step 3 Using an Xacto (adults only please) cut a ½” long slot in the top layer of the cardboard heart just above and to the side of the center. Carefully feed one of the skewers through the slot and out the edge of the cardboard. BE CAREFUL! The skewer ends are sharp. Don’t poke yourself!

Step 4 Repeat with second skewer on opposite side of heart. Clip off sharp ends of skewers.

Step 5 Trace arrowhead shape on colored paper or cardboard and cut.

Step 6 Fold arrowheads in half and glue skewers between halves.

Step 7 Add a ball of clay to lower end of each skewer.

You’re done! Balance the point of the heart on your finger.


  • If your heart isn’t balancing properly, adjust the location of the skewers. Make sure they are placed at about the same height. Also make sure the clay balls are large enough. You need to have weight at the end of the skewers to balance the toy.
  • Skip cutting the arrowheads out of colored paper and instead decorate plain paper arrowheads with your own design!
  • Write a message on each side of the heart and give to someone you love for Valentine’s Day!

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